15 Mar 2019

Happy Pi Day! – KGV Maths Week

Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3.14) around the world. Pi Day is an annual opportunity for math enthusiasts to recite the infinite digits of Pi, talk to their friends about math, and to eat pie. To celebrate Pi day as part of Maths Week at KGV, several activities took place in the hall including year 7 KGV students and year 6 KJS students.

One of the activities was a Maths Kahoot challenge which consisted of a small number of teams from both KGV and KJS schools. While the students were answering different kinds of math problems in the quickest of their ability, a few maths teachers had the privilege of judging the annual PI baking competition. A total of 44 pie’s, or Pi’s were judged by taste, appearance and most importantly ‘Pi factor’.

An activity the children really enjoyed was the maths dance competition, where they had to follow and imitate different kinds of dance moves. A few students even added their own style and flavour during the contest. Pi day concluded with the announcements of the best Pi costume contest. The winners selected included an outfit with an algebra joke, a group of girls with different parts of a circle, and the grand winner who was wearing a Pi princess attire. The KGV and KJS students and teachers had an extraordinary time celebrating Pi Day.