Interhouse Cross Country
28 Oct 2022

Interhouse Cross Country Competition

This week saw the return of our Interhouse Cross Country competition. The return of competitive sport to KGV has breathed life back into our house competition, and it was fantastic to celebrate very high levels of participation, as well as some exceptional running from our talented athletes. 

The weather obliged, with the heat instead being brought by the runners on the course. Each year group competed in a boys and girls race across a new 2 kilometre course which wound its way around our campus. The positions of the top 6 finishers from each house in each race, as well as overall participation, were used to determine the winning house in each race. 

In addition, as has become a tradition at KGV, our Year 13 students completed their event in fancy dress, and 2022 marks the first year that not 1 but 2 inflatable dinosaurs were able to complete the course. 

Sophia Montefiore and Marcus Fu – both of Rowell House – led the way in the Year 7 competition. Upsdell hit back with both Alex Fisher and Rachel Xing winning their races. Rachel’s time of 7 minutes and 24 seconds was the fastest girls time across all years, a phenomenal achievement for a Year 8 student! 

The Year 11 race saw a 3-way sprint for the finish line between Aryan and Arjun Moorjani of Nightingale, and Devansh Punjabi of Crozier. The winning time of 6 minutes 37 seconds looked hard to beat until Nicolas Ortega of Year 12 (Crozier) produced an equally stunning run of his own to complete the course in 6 minutes 33 seconds. Kiara Malkani (Upsdell) ran the second fastest girls time of the week – 7 minutes and 29 seconds – in the girls Year 11 competition. 

But it was not until Friday that we saw our fastest time, with Ryan Schroeder of Upsdell completing the course in an incredible 6 minutes and 30 seconds to win the Year 10 boys race and set a new course record. 

The overall results were incredibly close, with Rowell finishing just ahead of Upsdell, followed by Crozier and Nightingale. Congratulations to Rowell!

We are incredibly proud of our students for their effort in taking part in this years’ cross country event, with almost all students taking part and representing their house. The top 3 finishers from each race were awarded medals, please use this link for their photos, in full they were:

Year GirlsBoys
  1. Sophia Montefiore
  2. Cwen Chan
  3. Angela Wu
  1. Marcus Fu
  2. Aidan McLoughlin
  3. Sean Sippy
  • Rachel Xing*
  1. Chloe Chiu
  2. Emily Ip
  1. Alex Fisher
  2. Atharva Mongia
  3. Andre Leung
  1. Poppy Worthington
  2. Prisha Bahrunani
  3. Emily Blackshaw
  1. Giorgio Cagliarini
  2. Shubh Malik
  3. Haolin Bob Li
  1. Divina Bahrunani
  2. Isabella Cagliarini
  3. Sian Lee
  1. Ryan Schroeder*
  2. Sumukh Diwakar
  3. Tyrun Gidwani
  1. Aryan Moorjani
  2. Devansh Punjabi
  3. Arjun Moorjani
  1. Kiara Malkani
  2. Anjika Gurung
  3. Esmee Mook
  1. Mila Dresner
  2. Michelle Lee
  3. Yvonne Chen
  1. Nicolas Ortega
  2. Yoshi Chan
  3. Pranav Mahtani
  1. Sophie Hall
  2. Annika Park
  3. Izabella Randazzo
  1. Umar Hargrave-Silk
  2. Oscar Weston
  3. Charlie Hampton

* course record