KGV ePayment System is for our parents to make payment of non-school fee items such as after school activities, book purchases, exam fees and trips etc. to King George V School. The School fee is paid directly to English School Foundations without going through the ePayment System. Cheques or cash are not accepted. The only exception to this is the dress down days when students bring cash to support Charity events.

Parents can check their account details and make payments via two platforms i) ESF App or ii) Lionel 2. To access ESF App, please click here. To access Lionel 2, please click here.

We accept the following payment methods:

For more detail, please refer to ePayment Q&A.

The School offers an extensive co-curricular programme to students. Students are able to take part in the majority of these activities for no fee but students may be required to pay for some activities and trips. We wish to refund the unused fee (surplus) to parents wherever we can.

We hope to save your time in receiving refunds by depositing the refund to your bank account directly. To enable us to give refunds to you, please provide your bank account details (HSBC account is preferred) by completing the Bank Details Form via either platform i) ESF App or ii) Lionel 2. The bank details collected from this form will be used for refund purposes only. Instructions to access to the Bank Details Form, please click here.

If you have any queries regarding your ePayment account, please send email to financedept@kgv.edu.hk. Thank you!

Best wishes

KGV Finance Department