School Canteen

At Sodexo we want the students we serve to succeed in all that they do, both inside and outside the classroom.

We believe that a key way we can help students achieve their full potential is by contributing to the best quality of life on campus through a creative and nutritious service offering that inspires learning.

Sodexo does not just focus on the food itself or the times at which it’s served. We seek to create an atmosphere that encourages students to ask questions about what they’re eating, where it comes from and how it helps them maintain a healthy lifestyle. We then help answer these questions by engaging with them through healthy food promotions and materials relating to the menus on offer, young enterprise initiatives, workshops and presentations. This enables students to make informed choices based on their own lifestyles.

Every school day, a team of chefs begin preparing wholesome and tasty breakfasts, snacks and lunches. The choices are varied, multi-cultural, healthy and of a high standard. We channel our passion to ensure that student welfare and their dining experience is at the heart of our ethos, matching student preferences with fresh and nutritious food choices.

Sodexo’s canteen manager, Mr Paul Ng, is based at KGV to support the dining services. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding our services or the canteen facilities, please feel free to speak to Paul directly or email him at

To see the Lunch Menu please read it in the newsletter on ESF App or login on your desktop with parent Lionel User information.

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