School Council

KGV School Council is responsible for the governance of the life and work of the school. The Council has a number of responsibilities including monitoring, reviewing and evaluating the School Development Plan; the appointment and promotion of staff; approving the school budget; ensuring the condition and state of repair of the school premises and also acts as a link between ESF management, the school and the community as a whole.

School Council meetings for 2023-2024 school year –

  • 17th October 2023
  • 16th January 2024
  • 17th April 2024
  • 18th June 2024

School Council Chair – Hectar Pun 

I am a Senior Counsel at the Bar of Hong Kong with about 27 years of experience practising as a barrister. In that capacity, I have acted for people from all walks of life, such as the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong, legislative councillors, district councillors, demonstrators, police officers, prisoners, refugees and asylum seekers, tenants of public housing estates, homosexuals, transsexuals, the disabled and the underprivileged, etc.

I care deeply about the community and the quality of education for the next generation. That is why I fully support ESF’s vision of helping every student be the best they can be and I applaud ESF’s unfailing dedication to fulfill its mission of inspiring creativity and nurturing global citizens and leaders of the future over many years. KGV’s efforts in creating a “school for one” realise that great vision. By allowing every student to ‘be their own remarkable’ as they achieve, improve and learn, KGV becomes a truly unique, irreplaceable place for its students, a school that is “created just for them”. Rooted in these great traditions, I have no doubt KGV will continue to be one of the most prestigious schools providing world-class education locally and internationally.

It is my pleasure to contribute to the incredible work of KGV as the Chair of its School Council, starting from November 2022. As I take up this role, I will take ESF and KGV’s vision to heart. I firmly believe that open and frank discussions amongst all members of the Council are essential for deliberating over issues of importance to KGV. The Council’s ability to engage more fully and effectively with the wider KGV community is also key to its success. To these ends, I will endeavour to foster closer communications within the Council and the KGV community. I hope that during my tenure as KGV School Council Chair, we can continue to uphold the great educational ideals, high values and standards of KGV.

Representative of ESF Centre, CEO – Vivian Cheung

I have been the ESF CFO since the summer of 2010.  Prior to joining ESF, I spent many years in the investment banking industry after qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in the UK.  The change from being in investment banking to education is probably one of the best things that have happened in my career.

I have three children, with two boys at university in the UK, who previously studied at Renaissance College (RC) and the youngest daughter now at RC. 

School Principal – Mark Blackshaw

I have a Bachelor in Exercise Science and a Bachelor of International Business. I joined KGV School from Queensland Australia, where I have spent 27 years as a teacher and leader in the State Education system. Previously, I have taught Health and Physical Education and Economics in all years of secondary school. I attend all subcommittee meetings and enjoy the learning and improvement opportunities our committees provide. When it comes to activities, I enjoy most sports and spending time outdoors, especially surfing and fitness with my young family. Australian Football is one of my favorite sports to watch and the team I support is St Kilda. I also enjoy professional reading and I am especially interested in creating professional learning communities and positive organisational cultures.

Community Representative – Annie Ho

I was born and educated in Hong Kong. Upon graduating from The University of Hong Kong, I joined the teaching profession and became a teacher of English Language and English Literature in the secondary school sector.  After some years with the civil service training centre of the HK Government, I moved to the Vocational Training Council, Hong Kong, where I spent 19 years and retired as the Deputy Executive Director.  My portfolio covered a wide range of vocational and professional education and training (VPET) areas, including strategic planning, oversight of a number of academic disciplines and schools/campuses, promotion of  VPET in the school sector, curriculum reform, quality assurance, programme validation and accreditation, and teaching and learning.

I strongly believe every person can shine and do good to themselves, to the community and to the world.  Education is about caring, nurturing and empowering.

Currently, I work part-time as Senior Advisor in the Construction Industry Council to help set up a robust quality assurance mechanism in its Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC), review its implementation, and in phases revamp HKIC’s programmes for Qualifications Framework (QF) accreditation.

I was community representative/chair of the School Council of an ESF primary school for six years and am delighted to join the KGV to make more contributions to the ESF family!

Community Representative – Jessica Lam

Parent Representative – Purvi Shah

I migrated from Mumbai – India in the year 2005 after getting married. My husband and his family have been part of the HongKong Indian community since the late 80’s. As I consciously and deliberately wanted to be a hands-on mother to my 2 sons, I got involved first in the KJS PTA and thenafter with KGV. 

I have also been involved with the premises sub committee and am honoured to be a part of the new foyer design. After a year as VC and now beginning my tenure as Chairperson of the KGVPTSA I look forward to learn and work towards the betterment and growth in bringing positive changes. 

I come from an interior design background, am an avid reader and a voracious writer, I run creative writing workshops for all ages to enhance and articulate spoken and written English, called Thinkers to Writers. 

Parent Representatives – Jhanvi Panjabi

I moved to Hong Kong after graduation from Pepperdine University 17 years ago.  When I had my children I  was naturally drawn to the organised system of the ESF schools.  Both my children went to Beacon Hill and are currently in KGV as did my husband and his family.

I have always received immense support from faculty and worked closely with them all through primary school.  I believe in a working partnership with teachers and students to ensure the children receive the best education while enjoying a wholesome experience in school.  I am very excited to play a role in bringing forth positive feedback to further improve the foundation as a parent representative in KGV.

I am currently a jewellery designer and own my own company by the name of Eternity Jewels established in Hong Kong with several outlets worldwide.

Parent Representative – Pilar D. Morais

I am Pilar Danielle Morais, mother to Cwensuela (Year 7 at KGV), Charlotte (Year 5 at CWBS), and Cody 2. I have a long history with ESF as a student and alumnus, and as a community representative on the KGV school council. I am also an alumnus of KJS (1987-1993) and KGV (1993-2000) and am currently sitting on the KGV School Council as Finance Chair.

Professionally, I run a family office, with the primary business in real estate; owning, developing, and operating a boutique serviced apartment brand CHI Residences. I have been a board member of a number of Hong Kong organisations, including KELY Support Group, a local NGO focused on empowering youth to reach their full potential; and I am an active board member of Yama Foundation, a registered charity serving Hong Kong’s most vulnerable communities. I served on the partnership committee for HK Proptech Association. I was previously on the Executive Committee of the University of Southern California Alumni Association (HK) and the renovation committee that oversaw the 3-year revitalisation of Club Lusitano.

Teaching Staff Representative – Ellie Hitchings

I am currently teaching English Language & Literature, Drama and LPS. I am Head of College for Nightingale Middle School. Previously, I was also Head of Department for LPS. I was appointed to teach English at KGV in 2003 and have enjoyed a variety of different roles and responsibilities ever since. In 2011, I took a sabbatical to study for an MA in Educational Leadership and School Improvement at the University of Manchester. I am currently on the Staffing Sub-Committee. I am interested in the power of constructive dialogue and working together with all stakeholders to further develop our school. Swimming, Muay Thai kickboxing, yoga, netball, squash and hiking. Reading, travelling and learning new things!

Teaching Staff Representative – Dean Beard

I am a teacher of Mathematics at KGV and now in to my thirteenth year. My main responsibilities are to oversee the CAS and Service Learning that takes place at KGV and in the past I have been in the pastoral part of the school as a Head of College. My passion certainly lies in all aspects of school life which enrich the student experience outside of the classroom. Whether that’s the annual Challenge Week, traditional after-school activities or to encourage student in creating sustainable partnerships that have reciprocal benefits within our community. Personally, I am a father of two daughters who are not too far away from being KGV students. I love to stay active, whether that is on a cricket field or paddle-boarding around the beautiful coastline of Sai Kung.

Teaching Staff Representative – Andrew Ritchie

I am a teacher of English at KGV. I am a senior school tutor for Nightingale which means I am busy helping Year 12 and 13 students with references and applications for the university as well as helping them with the demands of the IB Diploma and BTEC programmes. Since starting at KGV in 2016, I have enjoyed leading our students through a number of different activities whether that be Lion’s Crest (the KGV newspaper) or supporting our Year 11 students by going with them for Chinese language immersion in Shanghai and Kunming. Recently, I completed my MA in Education at the University of Bristol. I explored how we as a school might make our MYP curriculum more representative and inclusive for our diverse student body. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking and reading.