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KGV School Visits

Please book appointments in advance


  • Days: Monday – Friday
  • Time: 7.45 am – 4.45 pm
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Over the years, students have graduated from King George V School leaving with amazing memories created in this school. The KGV community always welcomes former students to visit the school and take a stroll through memory lane but there are some instances when access is restricted such as during exams. We therefore ask that you check with The Development Office before planning your visit, to avoid any disappointment. You may email to schedule an appropriate time and date for a visit at KGV School. You may also register yourself as alumni at ESF Connect to keep up to date with school events and have access to our online archives.

When you arrive at KGV School for your visit, you will need to sign in at the school gate and reception before receiving a school visitors badge. Once you have signed in, you will be welcomed by the Engagement Manager, Michelle Tsang.

It is important to note that your visit is restricted to the scheduled time you have booked and are only allowed in the Canteen, Café and other communal areas. You will not be permitted to enter classrooms or specialist areas such as the science lab or drama studios.

After your visit is over, you will need to return your visitor’s badge at the reception and sign out as you leave.

We hope you will enjoy your visit and we look forward to seeing you at KGV School.


The KGV School Archive

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KGV values its heritage and traditions.  We also welcome continuing contact with Alumni of all generations.  We have established an Alumni Community that gives free access to our archive resources and provides an easy opportunity to develop or regenerate old networks and friendships. This site should be your first port of call if you are an Alumnus who wants to make contact with the school.

In recent years we have invested in both the management of our school archives and their digitalisation to make them available to Alumni remotely. This new service has been facilitated by a group of KGV Alumni who have developed the programme that allows it. In 2014 the “Welfare League Archive and Heritage Centre” is being developed as part of the school development work. It provides a facility for all members of the school community to access our archives. We have also included an archive space in the Fung Learning Resources Centre which contains important old documents such as LION Yearbooks and various heritage items. We hope you will be able to visit the school and see for yourself that we retain many of the special elements that have always been important at KGV in a modern and attractive contemporary site that suits the needs of contemporary students. I look forward to meeting you.


Best wishes