All new students will be supported through the transition to KGV by staff and students. Student buddies will be allocated to new students. All new students will be invited to join us for a transition day where they will have the opportunity to get to know their tutors and peers. At KGV we aim to honour family traditions and recognise family connections to the school. We will place students in the House their family is linked to or they have siblings in.

Student testimonials

Year 10 Student

“When I first came to KGV, I was intimidated by the huge campus and all these strangers. I was really worried if I could make any friends as I was a really shy and hushed person.  Furthermore, I came from a local school which makes adapting to the English-speaking school even harder.  The first week of school was not easy for me, I was lost and confused sometimes but there was a buddy system to help me.  My buddy helped me with setting up my laptop and introducing me to the school.  Although my buddy was very helpful, my classmates also were willing to help me whenever I don’t understand the teacher’s instructions.  Eventually we were much closer and became good friends.  There was a big gap of difference between KGV and my old school in learning.  Firstly, the English standard is much higher in KGV so I got to catch up.  With the help of teachers and my friends, I can now speak English more confidently and got a lot closer to the standard of KGV students.”

Year 12 Student

“When first transitioning into KGV, I was greeted by my welcoming classmates who have made my days memorable and full of endless amounts of entertainment. On my first day, I was ecstatic yet nervous for the day that led ahead. I first walked into my tutor, N09s, who welcomed me with a game which broke the tension immediately. I was then taken by some fellow students in my year to my next class which helped me understand the school system of which classes are in which building, I met each teacher during my day which was the easiest part as they were approachable and enthused me about the subjects I had chosen. The students, however, were the most impactful as they introduced me to each of their friends thus leaving myself with a strong bond with each individual at this school. The anticipation for the first day of a new school is always full of an array of emotions however with KGV this feeling doesn’t disappear but stays with you throughout the years as there are always new opportunities. “