King George V School is ambitious in developing its fine traditions of high achievement and creativity in an engaging, enjoyable and sustainable learning environment. We aim to celebrate diversity in an inclusive and supportive international community.

To achieve these aims KGV requires funding beyond the English Schools Foundation provisions for the day-to-day running of the school. The Development and Annual Funds are managed by the Strategic Development Committee (SDC) chaired by Jeremy Ip a KGV Alumni and parent.  This Committee ensures that all donations are separately managed from general KGV operational budgets and are independent of other finances. The objectives of the SDC that oversee the projects and financial targets are detailed in the annual Community Development Strategic Plan that is available upon request (see contact below).

Your Gift Can Make a Difference

The KGV Development Fund was created to ensure that the school is a world leader in terms of student experience and school facilities.

Gifts of all sizes are essential to the school’s continual growth and prominence in Hong Kong and internationally. Your support provides flexibility to school leadership as it identifies projects that will ensure a truly unmatched student experience.

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The renovation projects have a considerable impact on the continuous improvement of the living environment of the students and their welfare. For studying as well as recreational purposes, KGV students make the most of two state-of-the-art buildings on campus including a canteen and cafeteria offering healthy meals for breakfast and lunch.

Making KGV a world class school for learning development in all fields and sport performance
KGV students have been learning Sciences and doing Biology and Physics experiments on the most up-to-date laboratory equipment in the Science Building and they have the opportunity to study in an environment favourable towards sharing ideas with classmates as well as performing and creating in the dedicated Performing Arts Centre. Both buildings opened in August 2013.

Since spring 2014, KGV students have the pleasure to enjoy two major site refurbishments: the Fung Learning Resources Centre and the new School Field. The latter enables students to play team sports and athletics and organise competitions on the school premises. A comprehensive project for students learning reside in the Fung Learning Resources Centre with a professional media centre, modern library facilities, independent study areas and cafe. The students’ security is, as always, a priority. In this sense, the driveway in front of the School will be pedestrianised.

Improving the KGV sense of community and remembering KGV history
Along this modern environment, the heritage project aims for bringing a collective consciousness and knowledge of the rich history of KGV School among students as well as a recollection of memories for Alumni. For this purpose a Heritage Centre will be created with valuable pictures and documentations to inform KGV community about the School history.

Thanks to our donors we can create and improve continuously the facilities and learning spaces to serve the students. Among the excellence of the teaching staff and the precise organisation of the daily life at school, we make this environment the most rewarding for the students’ development and success.

Lion Fund Projects

Thanks to numerous generous donations from parents and KGV Alumni, we are glad to announce that the 6 weeks intensive launch of Lion Fund has been a success with HK$93,000 raised among 62 donors. The donation range stands from HK$200 until HK$30,000 and we still have an additional pledge of HK$30,000 for the next term to come.

Some gifts are dedicated to specific projects such as benches and trees for the driveway, books for the library and the giant chess pieces. Our Y11 Chinese students made a kind donation to the Y11 language program, on their very own initiative.

We still count on the generosity of our community to participate to the Y11 language immersion program, to name but one our high priorities. Your gift will make a difference, starting with HK$100!

Please click here for the Lion Fund Brochure

Areas of Development & Financial Goals

Language & culture
Language courses, literature, Medias and Arts are an integral part of the KGV educational experience. This is why KGV aims to develop the language immersion program in Year 11 as well as the broadcasting system all over the school. Now we have a wonderful space for learning and we need to buy more books to fill it up.

Y11 language immersion program: $500,000 per year for 3 years
Japanese and Korean language books for the LRC: $30,000
Flags representing KGV student’s nationalities in the foyer: $1,500 per flag


We would like to involve students in projects that can be incorporated into the school curriculum so that they may learn to become environmentally responsible citizens. The full use of outdoor spaces is included in this initiative.

Patio furniture for Leo’s Cafe balcony: $4,800 per set
Outdoor furniture: $5,800 per set, this includes one table and two benches
Fountain and pond for the Piazza Garden: $28,000
A world map showing where our students identify themselves with: $60,000


Building enhancement
ESF covers basic building upkeep and maintenance, but each year there are new improvements and enhancements needed that are not funded through ESF.


Repair the clock tower and acquire new world clocks for the foyer: $120,000

The school also periodically runs capital campaigns to fund school expansion projects. More information about current initiatives is available upon request.

How to Give & Support

Donation payments are gratefully appreciated. By making the donation of your choice you will help to grow and enhance the KGV experience that so many others before have enjoyed. You may make your gift by cheque or bank transfer with donation form. If you would like to support a special project simply indicate how the gift should be allocated when you make your contribution.

Donations can be claimed for tax deduction. Tax receipts will be issued for donations of HKD$100 or more. All donors are recognised on the school Annual Report and on the Lion Fund brochure.