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Outstanding Performance Students

Yuti Khare

Medicine – St George’s University of London

Medicine is a lifelong commitment to constant learning, the art of healing and advancing care.

Tiona Wu

Lewis and Clark College, psychology

I’ve chosen psychology because I want to better understand people and discover how our interactions form the society we live in.

Lokel Wong

Cardiff University- Economics and Management Studies with Professional Placement Year

I wanted to study economics, however I wanted also wanted a wider variety of business based knowledge. I believe Cardiff University gives me the perfect oppurtunity to do both at the same time.

Cherie Chan

University Of San Francisco – Advertising and Marketing

I took sports for my BTEC however I realised my passion was interacting with people and the creative side of the business.

Justin Hau

University of Kent, BSc (Hons) Music Technology and Audio Production

It is because I love this area and besides, it gave me motivation to work hard and learn more about the insides of this industry.

Theodore Waters

Southampton Solent University –> Film Production

I believe Southampton Solent University’s – Film Production course is the most extensive with great facilities and is the one for me.


Ellen Liu

Law at London School of Economics and Political Science

Studying law at LSE would allow me to develop a critical mind-set to become a more socially responsible individual.

Sabrina Kainz

Geology at the University of Colorado, Boulder

I’ve always loved the Earth sciences and knew Boulder was one of the best at geology along with being in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Andy Lam

Engineering, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

It’s due to my strong interest in applications of mathematics and physics that I’ve chosen this path of study.

Samta Patel

New York University Economics and finance

I’m excited to continue exploring the economic forces that shape today’s business environment through Stern’s rigorous Business program.

Tavio Wong

HKUST School of Business and Management

Aiming to pursue a future in Business while remaining in Hong Kong, HKUST’s Business school is the ideal path for me to achieve this goal.

Felicity Yick

University of Pennsylvania – Computer Graphics

Studying computer graphics allows me to fuse visual arts and mathematics, so that one day I can create animated films for Disney or Pixar.

Jahan Balani

London school of Economics : Financial Mathematics and Statistics

I have always had an interest in how mathematics is applied to the financial industry.

Cherie Chun

Fashion and Textiles at Central Saint Martins

I love to sew, make art, and photography, and wouldn’t be doing anything else!

Yash Panjabi

University College London, Information Management for Business

It will provide a great opportunity to enrich my own knowledge in an industry that is exponentially growing.

Diva Saha

HKUST – BBA Marketing

It has always been my dream to study business and HKUST is one of the top ranking universities for this course.

Benjamin Wishart

University of Bath

After working on marketing for Uber Eats whilst interning at Special Group in Australia my interest in the subject was galvanised.

Ansel Yap

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Medicine

Medicine contends with many universal and compelling themes and ideas.

Grace Jia

Cornell University, Computer Science

I have chosen Cornell for its diverse community, programs and opportunities, and Computer Science for its ever-increasing impact on so many aspects of life.

Joan Pang

University of Cambridge, Archaeology

Through archaeology, I can delve into the field of biological anthropology, which allows me to study the evolution of humans from a physical perspective.

Billy Siu

HKU Medicine

It has been a lifelong dream for me to become a doctor and to study in Hong Kong’s most prestigious medical school.

Benjamin Stone

London School of Economics and Political Science: Government and History 

As someone who loves history and politics, this course allows me to study both subjects, and will further my passion for them.

Chi Shing Tsang

CUHK Medicine (Global Physician-Leadership Stream) 

The course combines a unique pedagogy with a student-centered atmosphere, to provide me with the optimal learning environment.

Natalie Yu

Imperial College London (Medicine – A100)

I believe Imperial College, with its strong STEM background, is the best place for me to learn medicine, where my strongest abilities and interests can allow me to strive for a rewarding career.

Christine Chau


Studying Law allows me to understand the mechanisms of society.

Samanwita Sen

University of Oxford, English Language and Literature

I am fascinated by how inter-disciplinary English is, enabling evaluation of the world around you.