Internal Transfer and Withdrawal

Transfers are allowed following the completion of the commitment period, if applicable, to the current school or if the student has already been with the school for two or more years.

It is particularly important during the secondary years of schooling that disruptions to learning are minimised, and careful consideration is given to a student’s circumstances and the best interests of the involved stakeholders prior to an internal transfer taking place. ESF takes a managed, considered approach to such transfers based on dialogue and collaboration.

The student may join the internal transfer waitlist for the year group according to the category priority order. The timing of the transfer will be dependent on a number of factors, including availability.

In general, requests made during the course of an academic year will be considered and, where agreed, enacted, for an August start at the new school.

Procedure for transfer request

  • All requests for transfers may be submitted from 1 January, at the earliest, and will generally be considered in Term 3 for entry to the following academic year. For students on a two-year commitment, the transfer request may be submitted six months in advance of the completion of their commitment. Normally there is movement and withdrawals over the summer period for transfer to take place.
  • For secondary requests, approval will occur where there is a specific and legitimate reason for the transfer. Factors may include:

    • Relocation: has the student changed residential location and does the new location present unreasonable challenges in getting to school
    • Programme compatibility: does the new school offer programmes/subjects that are compatible with the student’s best interests as a learner
    • Support: is the new school able to provide sufficient support for the student in response to their needs/context
    • Best interests: viewed holistically, is a move from the current school to the new school in the best interests of the student
  • The written transfer request must be submitted to the Admissions Office at the student’s current school. The current school will raise the transfer request if the relevant conditions or requirements are met. The future school is informed of the transfer request.
  • Once there is availability, the future school will inform the student’s current school to initiate the transfer process. The current school will be in contact with the family to confirm and start the transfer arrangements.


If your child is going to withdraw from the school, please complete and submit the Student Withdrawal Form via the ESF App at least one calendar month before the last attendance date. 

If you are withdrawing your child at the end of this academic year, please complete and submit the Student Withdrawal Form via the ESF App on or before 1 June. Otherwise, we will assume that your child is returning after summer and parents are liable to the tuition fees for September even if the student does not return to school.


  1. If a family has more than one child attending ESF schools, please submit an individual withdrawal notice for each child.
  2. Tuition fees are charged for a complete month. There’s no pro-rata adjustment for attendance for part of a month.
  3. Any change of last attendance date / cancellation of withdrawal is subject to the availability of school places at respective schools.
  4. If there is any credit balance / refundable capital levy on account, refund will be made via the designated auto-pay account.
  5. Please expect the financial settlement, including any eligible refund, will be completed within two calendar months after the student’s last date of attendance. (For secondary students who may be on examination leave, the last day of attendance is deemed to be the last day of the academic year.)
  6. Parents are required to pay the non-refundable capital levy and admissions deposit as a new enrolment if their child re-enters any ESF school after the date of withdrawal.

Should you have any enquiries regarding student withdrawal, please email KGV Admissions Office at for assistance.