School Tours

King George V School conducts school tours (in English only) for parents/guardians of the prospective students.

Please note that photo taking and/or video recording are NOT allowed during the tour.

Tours of the school will be undertaken by members of the Admissions Office.

In order not to disrupt the operation of the School, our school tour takes place from 9:30 am – 10:30 am on selected Tuesdays only and includes a briefing, meeting with our Principal, Mr Blackshaw and a viewing of the campus including facilities and classroom activities.  We will generally cater for a maximum of approximately 10 people per tour.  To comply with the ESF policy, all attendees must be either fully vaccinated (2 dose + 14 days) and hold a recognised vaccination record or hold a valid negative result test proof for COVID-19 (which is undertaken within 14 days of the desired school tour date).  It is required to provide documentary evidence.

Following are the dates for our tours this term:

  •         28 Sep (Non-ESF families/Prospective parents)
  •         19 Oct (ESF families)
  •         9 Nov (Non-ESF families/Prospective parents)
  •         23 Nov (ESF families)
  •         7 Dec (Non-ESF families/Prospective parents)

Interested parents/guardians are requested to reserve a place on a tour by contacting the Admissions Office at or click here to sign up.

When applying for a school tour, parents/guardians are requested to submit:

  • Child(ren)’s Date(s) of Birth
  • Year Group they are applying for
    • Years 7-11 for Secondary Middle Years Programme (IB MYP)
    • Years 12 & 13 for Secondary Diploma Programme (IB DP) or BTEC
  • Admission year and month applying for, e.g. “2021 August”

All School Tour visitors must register at the School’s Reception which is located at the Foyer.  Unregistered visitors to the School will not be permitted entry.

School tours are only available on scheduled dates and places will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.  Once accepted, you will receive an email to confirm the reservation.  Walk-in guests, whose names are not on the reservation list, will not be admitted.

The tours are an opportunity to learn more about our school.  Please note that attendance on a tour does not have any influence on KGV School or ESF wide admission applications.

We reserve the rights to refuse admission to school tour.

Visitors should note that there is no car parking available at the School.  Please click Contact Us for the location.

If you are not in Hong Kong yet, another great way to see our school is to take a Virtual Tour!