Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

‘Be your own remarkable…’

Our Vision

We create a ‘school for one’; a place where each student feels that the school was created just for them. Through a lived experience, we all feel a deep sense of belonging, identity, and purpose.

We personalise learning so each and every person is supported and encouraged to achieve at a high level, and to develop holistically to be the best person they can be.

Our school thrives on a culture where a diversity of ideas, beliefs, and values are equally cherished, respected, and heard. We seek to continuously collaborate, innovate, and improve to make a difference in the communities we serve and lead.

Our KGV Motto

‘Honestas Ante Honores’

Our Values


Honesty – Be truthful, fair, and authentic

  • We talk with people, not about people
  • We appreciate that hard work underpins achievement and growth
  • We always strive to be our genuine selves


Courage – Be vulnerable, brave, and resilient

  • We strive to get it right, rather than to be right
  • We are all learners, and look for opportunities to challenge ourselves
  • We persevere, and learn from our mistakes


Empathy – Be kind, understanding, and respectful

  • We listen to understand and enable compassion
  • We acknowledge and engage with a diversity of beliefs, values, and experiences
  • We take care of ourselves and others