Student Leadership




Antonio Kam – Head Boy

Every time I look at the KGV lion, I think of its core values: honesty, courage, and resilience.

Initially, courage does not come without fear. Many of us have struggled to break out of the natural caution we have with the world, however, with enough resilience and bravery, overcoming fear becomes less of a chore, and more of a journey. Through this journey, you will see how the core values of KGV can lead you not only to more academic success, but also to being a good person. Without honesty, you lose trust. Without courage, you lose initiative. Without resilience, you lose determination to chase your dreams. With this in mind, I encourage you to dream big, and work hard to make the dream a reality. Even if your dreams aren’t met, the skills you learn through this journey will surely help you in the future.

As a member of the prefect team, I strive to improve the transparency in this school, and make sure student learning is as engaging, insightful, and fruitful as it can be. Alongside the prefect team, I wish you the best for the upcoming year at KGV.

Airi Mizoguchi – Head Girl

KGV values pride, equality and acceptance, striving all students to be the best that they can be – which I am so honoured to be a part of.

This year we have introduced 6 core groups that we will be leading: Social Responsibility, Student learning, House, Student Wellbeing, Community engagement and student voice. Given the opportunity to become student leaders, we create transparency between both students and teachers , in order to enhance the quality of education and promote the sense of belonging at KGV. What I love about this school is the heartwarming feeling you get knowing that you are surrounded with supportive and helpful teachers I give utmost respect to. With a variety of after school activities from Model UN to the many sport clubs, KGV allows students to have balance with both academics and wellbeing.

My best advice to the new and current students studying at KGV is to really value the memories you make in middle/high school with your friends and teachers, experience and appreciate both successes and failures, and always learn to be resilient.

Allan Guo – Prefect

Student learning is far from just academics. Each student is defined not by their grades, but by their extracurriculars, talents and passions. KGV recognizes this and seeks to bring out the best within each student. Through the CAS curriculum, KGV has cultivated a learning environment in which everyone can find activities corresponding to their interests, and can acquire new skills.

As a student learning prefect, my role is to work together with the school curriculum team and refine student learning, so that we may further enhance the school CAS experience.

With the ongoing pandemic, much of our learning has been affected. However, we are resilient and will persevere even during these uncertain times. Make the most of your learning experience!

Claire Gong – Prefect

In KGV, we celebrate the diversity of the student body and the cultural richness it brings. Our differences do not divide us, but rather, unite us and develop us into more internationally minded individuals. This year marked by trial and tribulation has been testimony to how closely integrated the KGV community is. Although physically apart, we remain together at heart.

KGV is also dedicated to giving back to the community, and as a social responsibility prefect, my role is to bring together the current actions taken to this end and establish a social responsibility scheme.

Aditi Jain – Prefect

KGV is an elite learning institute that is committed to providing each unique student the tools they need to harness their full potential. Our school’s modern facilities and hardworking staff collaborate to offer the best education possible and open our doors to endless opportunities. However, student learning does not end at academics. Through our journey at KGV, we are taught to be honest, courageous, and resilient. We are taught the importance of self reflection and open-mindedness through example. The school places value on self-improvement, actively responding to the student voice in an attempt to cater to every individual’s needs.

This year my role as prefect is to improve our house system, designed to foster a sense of belonging and pride by encouraging healthy competition and participation. I am grateful to be part of such an interconnected community, full of enthusiasm and support, that tirelessly aims for greatness.

Jenny Ho – Prefect

In a world where differences increasingly tear us apart, KGV is a ‘school for one’ where we stand together because of our diversity. The student leadership team has seen first hand how our community has continued to strive for unity and resilience during such difficult and novel times. As a student leader working with Well Being at KGV, I want to promote and improve Well Being services, bridging the delta between student life and well being. It is more important now than ever to build online services so KGV Well Being is fully accessible.

Students at KGV, your differences are what connects us all. As we strive to develop KGV life, I hope you continue to feel supported and heard. The challenges rising from the horizons will be conquered by your resilience and our unity. Stay healthy, happy, and I wish you the best in the coming year!

Joaquin Magno – Prefect

KGV as a school has always been a means by which any student – no matter what one’s ethnicity, gender, or background is, one can find success in their own way. It is a supportive, encouraging community that drives all students to be the best person they can be regardless of academic achievement, always moving towards truly embodying the notion of a ‘school for one’.

My role as a student learning prefect sees me as a liaison between the teaching staff and the student body, communicating key issues and opportunities to improve the learning experience, examination support, and the role of CAS at KGV.

I admire how KGV is a community that always strives for self reflection, self improvement, and excellence, wherein I am incredibly proud to participate with all of you. Stay safe!

Nura Yip – Prefect

KGV is a refuge, a place of escape and a place to embrace your identity. Allowing you to not only grow academically but flourish as a person. Our longstanding motto “Honestas Ante Honores” is ingrained in us and the foundation of our morality. Reinforcing our belief that being honourable is worth more than undeserved prestige.

Although this school year faces difficulties from the need to keep our distance. As a community engagement prefect, along with the PTSA Committee, we aim to maintain and advance the relationships between the student body, parents, staff members and alumni. Defining our community as a place where everyone is valued and where our diversity creates unity.

Shanan Liu – Prefect

“Be your own remarkable” this statement set my heart into joining the lion community. As a new student coming in at Y12, I was quickly amazed by the school community’s diversity, showered in the countless opportunities in any imaginable fields that the school provides, sustained by an unprecedented amount of support coming from both the faculty members and my peers.

KGV is a place to achieve maximum self-growth, both intellectual and emotional. Yet, the growth comes not without struggle. It is worth bearing in mind that resilience, as one of KGV’s core values, encourages not taking all burdens on to your shoulders but seeking help appropriately. My role as a well being is to support you, the students in KGV, to feel supported continuously in this challenging time. The future of the world is uncertain, yet your future is in your hand, always supported by the KGV community.

Shraavasti Bhat  – Prefect

KGV is a school that embraces diversity and is a “school for one”, giving students an equal opportunity to achieve their own respective goals. KGV empowers students to reach their full potential through not only the various facilities but also the value the school imbibes in its students: honesty, courage and resilience.

As a community engagement prefect, I frequently communicate with PTSA and KGV alumni to provide new opportunities for students to further their interests and contribute to their community.

Kayley Wong – Prefect

The students in KGV embody the characteristics of honesty, courage and resilience. This is a community that embraces students from all different backgrounds and allows them to grow to the best of their potential.

Like most people in our school, KGV has been a home to me. Throughout these years, I have been showered with tremendous opportunities and support from my peers. Therefore, I would like to use this leadership opportunity as a prefect to give back and help make an impact on the place that has significantly changed me over the years. I want to help pass on this light of unity and student camaraderie.


Yasmin Madsen – Prefect

The diversity in KGV’s student body has always been a characteristic of this school that I am very much grateful for because it has allowed for the opportunity for students to broaden their perspective and contrarily, to challenge them as well. We are constantly surrounded by those who support our goals and who we admire and look up to – no matter how dissimilar they are to us. And oftentimes, it’s the difference between individuals that creates this sense of unity that KGV embodies so well.

During this year, I hope that we, the prefect team, can further create this sense of belonging and strive to ensure all students find a community that enhances their strengths and develops their weaknesses.

Yuvin Choi – Prefect

Oftentimes, long held tradition can hold us back from growth and cause us to resist change. Yet, KGV appreciates our heritage and mobilizes our fundamental values of honesty, courage and resilience in novel ways, allowing us to adapt ourselves to the challenges that we face. KGV’s most striking attribute is the remarkable faculty and student body who is always eager to listen to understand, educate ourselves to be better, and strive to take collective action to bring positive changes to our community.

This ability to take initiative for change is not only limited to KGV as a school. As part of the senior leadership team, we have the responsibility to bring our school together and the skills that we harness to influence our society and beyond. We will be looking to work with our in-school committees that advocate for social responsibility this year.

Irisa Kwok – Prefect and Wellbeing Ambassador

As a symbol of learning, despite its emphasis on tradition, KGV is unafraid to be wrong, to make mistakes, and above all, unafraid to learn from their mistakes ,enabling them to grow and develop to best suit their students.

As a student voice ambassador, my job is to support the Student Council President in their chosen initiatives and liaise between them and the SLT to ensure that they are carried through. As a wellbeing ambassador,I am a peer counsellor working in tandem with the school wellbeing team to ensure that our students lead balanced lives unburneded by unneeded stress.