Student Leadership

Eric Wang – Head Prefect

Being one of the oldest schools in Hong Kong, KGV is a school rich with culture and history.  Our role as the prefect team is to balance that rich past with the future, to maintain the cultures of our school while also changing and adapting to allow our students to thrive in the modern world. This year our Prefect team consists of 4 core groups, Social Responsibility, Student Learning, Community Engagement, and Wellbeing. 

We are living amongst the largest test of humanity in our lifetime, a period of time that will be remembered for centuries to come. Let us, as KGV, thrive in this hardship. Let us define this pandemic as a period of self-reflection and progress. Such that in the future, we can remember this period of time not by the struggles we faced, but the lessons we learnt and the courage we showed. 

If 2021 be the year of revival, let 2022 be the year of Growth. Let 2022 be the year we remove the shackles of COVID-19 and move towards a better future together. Integral to this goal is student feedback: never be afraid to share feedback and tell us how we can improve as a school. 

On behalf of the entire prefect team. I wish you the very best for 2022. 

Molly Worthington – Head Prefect

Honestas Ante Honores. The KGV motto. With its translation of ‘Honesty before Glory’, it can have a different interpretation for everyone. For me, it alludes to following an equitable moral compass over success at any cost. This motto, alongside the ideology of ‘Be your own Remarkable’, is something we try to uphold daily within KGV.

Throughout my time at the school, I have experienced a strong sense of community created by students and staff alike. The prefect teams have always worked towards encouraging and promoting this. This year, we have a new structure in place, composed of Student Learning, Wellbeing, Community Engagement, and Social Responsibility. 

KGV has shaped me into the person I am today, and for this, I am truly grateful. Everything from the lessons to sports days and interactions with the student leaders have influenced me during my time here. As one of the head prefects going into 2022, it is now our responsibility to give back to the school that has given us so much.

Vidhi Asarpota – Community Engagement

KGV enables students to build a foundation that supports students in achieving success by allowing them to ‘be their own remarkable’.  It celebrates traditions and the diverse community, establishing an inclusive space for students, staff and alumni. KGV is an environment that instils a sense of confidence within students and strives to cater to every student’s needs to ensure their engagement in our community.

As a community engagement prefect, I aspire to encourage students to showcase their potential and foster relationships with organisations beyond KGV. Our team aims to build an interactive community by collaborating with various NGOs, integrating our neighbouring schools with KGV, hosting alumni talks, assisting with KGV alliance, and many additional events.

I wish you all the best during your journey at KGV.

John Chan – Community Engagement

KGV is a school that is rich in history, plentiful with culture and traditions and has established a reputation as one of the most prestigious schools in Hong Kong. Additionally, KGV recognizes and celebrates the talents of individuals yet keeps the entire community united through its shared values of honesty, courage, and resilience. I am proud to be part of a school community that has helped inspire students to reach their full potential and has allowed them to achieve success across various fields. 

As a prefect of community engagement, my role is to help build and strengthen bonds and relationships between the school with other groups and organizations, including parents, alumni, and the wider Hong Kong community. Our team aims to work with and collaborate with NGOs, charitable organizations, and other schools to help create positive change on current social issues. Furthermore, we hope to engage the wider KGV community with current events in school through a variety of activities, such as alumni talks and the KGV Alliance.

I wish everyone nothing but success for this upcoming year and in their future endeavours.

Pak Liu – Community Engagement

KGV’s values of honesty, courage and empathy resonate strongly with me, and I believe in the importance of a strong community for each student to “be your own remarkable”. Regardless of ethnicity, gender, or race, KGV unites us all together, allowing us to discover our own definition of success.

This year, our team aims to strengthen links with the wider Hong Kong community, through connecting with NGOs and other charitable organisations. Through this, we hope to further develop a sense of inclusivity and thus enhance belonging within our tightly-knit community.

Finally, I wish you all the best for your upcoming years at KGV. Enjoy!

Mudita Jain – Community Engagement

KGV is a school that has always strived to foster a deep sense of community, and inspire students to extend themselves beyond their boundaries. Whether it be through the performing arts, sports, or community service, students have always been driven to immerse themselves in the uplifting community around them. The school’s colourful array of strengths and achievements, and its partaking and organising of a multitude of events has allowed each student to express their passions and ideas openly; hence fostering an all-inclusive and safe environment. 

As a prefect for the community engagement team, I am grateful to have the opportunity to further involve myself in and further develop this aspect of life at KGV. Our team wishes to expand and enrich community bonds with both internal and external organisations, such as through organising alumni talks, helping out at KGV Alliance events, school involvement with NGO enterprises and other similar events.

Finally, I wish everyone best of luck in the coming year!

Krish Gupta – Student Learning

KGV is more than just a school: it’s a second home that provides a unique atmosphere where we can all “be our own remarkable”. KGV does not only provide a solid platform for education, but also gives wider exposure through unique opportunities, various extracurricular activities and a talented community consisting of students, teachers and alumni. The welcoming, diverse, and enthusiastic community has always helped me strive to become my best self.

As a student learning perfect, my job is to enhance each student’s experience at KGV by coordinating with various departments. My focus this year will be on improving timetables, providing career guidance and exploring the possibilities of creating a forum for students to collaborate and mutually learn through their shared experiences.

Lastly, I wish everyone all the best and continued success in their ongoing and future endeavours.

Tanya Sachanandani – Student Learning

KGV is a community which nurtures the progress and development of their students. Our values; honesty, courage and empathy support our journey to build a “school for one”, where every student can be their own remarkable. Our culture encourages and supports KGV students throughout their educational careers.

My role as a student learning prefect is to ensure all students are motivated to reach their academic potential at KGV. This year, the student learning prefects aim to: improve the assessment calendar, aid students in finding their career paths and gain feedback from the student body. 

I wish you all the best in the upcoming year.

Jack Xiang – Student Learning

KGV is a school which recognises the individual talents of each student. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses; no student is perfect. Yet, KGV allows each student to shine in their own way.
No student should ever feel like their learning is stunted by the institution they attend, but rather by the amount of work and effort they put in. My role as a student learning prefect is to ensure that students have the best possible learning environment, which allows them to develop their talents to the best of their ability.

One key area of focus this year for me is student feedback. Communication between staff and the student body is vital in any case, but having come back from the pandemic, it has only become even more important. I wish the students of KGV to raise their voices: what is the school doing well, and what can we do to improve?

Katherine Yan – Student Learning

KGV has always been a school that tries to not just aid but celebrate its students: their stories, their journeys, their successes. It strives to encourage a community that always reaches towards potential, to nurture an environment that helps students mould themselves into their own remarkable. 

As a prefect, my role is to help KGV achieve those goals. As part of the student learning team, this involves addressing student concerns about the structure and content of their learning, drafting standards and solutions, and communicating with various departments to implement these plans. 

It’s been a difficult few years, but amidst the challenge there is opportunity for change and growth. Don’t be afraid to share feedback with us, and don’t hesitate to ask for what you want to see.

KGV, I wish you all the best!

Kashish Keswani – Wellbeing

Over the years, I have watched the thoughtful staff and students at KGV create a learning environment where we can all feel a strong sense of wellbeing. However, during the pandemic and remote learning period, it was difficult for many of us to sustain healthy lifestyles of physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Nonetheless, it is now time for us to not only sustain our wellbeing, but to enhance it.  As a wellbeing prefect, I hope to introduce strategies to the student body to thrive with stress, to minimize feelings of burnout. We believe that improved wellbeing will help the KGV community thrive better than ever, and I could not be more thrilled to be a part of this journey. 

Barbara Lai – Wellbeing

As a student who has been part of the KGV community since 2016, I have had the honour to witness KGV continuously grow and evolve towards becoming a ‘school for one’. One of the ways in which this has occurred, is KGV’s increased awareness towards wellbeing. In recent years, it has been evident that the school is placing more and more emphasis on raising awareness towards student wellbeing as well as staff wellbeing. As a wellbeing prefect, I am passionate to further promote that attitude and ensure that both students and staff feel that their wellbeing is being attended to. Another important role for me as a wellbeing prefect, is to enhance the KGV community’s understanding towards wellbeing, specifically to understand that wellbeing is much more than just mental health. I believe that having an enhanced wellbeing is the foundation to pursuing success in all aspects, whether that be academic, social, or athletic success.

Yashvi Sadarangani – Wellbeing

As a student in my sixth year here, I have watched KGV flourish and allow each person to be their own remarkable. KGV is an environment that constantly strives for positive change, and I wish to be a part of this. I am a Well-being Prefect for 2022-2023 and am honoured to have obtained this role. Our values are Honesty, Courage and Empathy; I wish to help each member embody these values. Ensuring that our community is as happy and healthy as we can be is important to me; that is why I’m looking forward to planning workshops, activities and other ways to educate and involve YOU in maintaining well-being. We want to stimulate enthusiasm around staying healthy, decrease stigma around mental health and make known the availability of resources at our school. I encourage you to retain strength and resilience during challenging times. Thank you; I look forward to interacting with you this year and I wish everyone success!

Chloe Wan – Wellbeing

Inspired by the considerate and supportive schoolmates, teachers and staff, I’ve always been proud to be a part of the KGV community. Given that, I am incredibly delighted to serve the school as a wellbeing prefect in the upcoming year.

Caring is especially crucial during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Your mental wellbeing is our utmost priority and really matters to me. The target is straightforward – to show that we are here for you. 2022 will be an exhilarating year full of new normals tailored to KGV’s needs. Embracing the challenge, there’s no doubt that we’ll make it through the unprecedented times.

Krish Jain – Social Responsibility / I&E

KGV is a platform for students to grow and evolve, where each student is recognised and provided with a learning experience that will meet their interests and ambitions. Our School is far from just academics, over here students are provided with numerous opportunities through the CAS program which open our doors to endless endeavours.

Our role as prefects is to create transparency between both students and teachers, in order to enhance the quality of learning and promote the sense of a lifelong community.
As a social responsibility prefect my role is to uphold the school social reputation and help the school to be socially acceptable to students, parents, teachers, and the wider community.

This year we hope to reduce the carbon footprint of our school through increasing renewable energy usage as well as enhancing the recycling system. I am extremely grateful to be part of a team that is full of enthusiasm and passion to drive change.

Joyce Liang- Social Responsibility / I&E

Having been in KGV since 2016, it has been very fulfilling to see it grow and turn into what it is now. From the caring teachers to the supportive community, I’ve always felt welcomed at KGV. 

Despite my positive experiences, I know there are some that do not feel as welcomed, and we hope to change that as the social responsibility team. We want to reform KGV so that each and every student feels included in our wonderfully diverse community. This includes increasing the transparency between teachers and students, and also providing a channel for anonymous feedback from the community. 

Furthermore, as environmental issues continue to develop around the world, we aim to enhance the sustainability of the school by working on the solar panels, reducing overall energy usage and improving the recycling system. I’m really excited to be working with this team and hope we can make a difference in the KGV community.

Satvi Modi – Social Responsibility / I&E

The KGV community is one where every single student belongs and has the opportunity to thrive. It’s core values of Honesty, Courage and Empathy is embedded into everything KGV does. I am extremely honoured to be able to serve this school as a social responsibility prefect.

As part of the social responsibility team, we aim to work alongside existing student groups and committees to enhance this school’s social image and make it even more inclusive. We hope to make KGV a more environmentally friendly community through further use of solar panels and other green initiatives. Overall, we hope to continue to make this school a socially acceptable place to every single member of the community.

I wish you all the best for the upcoming year!

Joanne Yau – Social Responsibility / I&E

Despite being a new-comer this year, I feel at home in this KGV community. I therefore wish to make it an even more inclusive, embracing and empathetic space for every student, new or old, now or in the future. 

As part of the social responsibility and I&E team, my role is to inform students about ideas implemented by the school, develop the school’s social image and work alongside other student groups to enhance the wellbeing and inclusivity of the KGV community. 

Although I undoubtedly have less experience than everyone else in the perfect team, I believe I have much to offer to not only the team, but also KGV as a whole. I believe that my background coming from a local school could provide a new lens for the team to formulate our policies and other insights. That being said, I still have plenty to learn from every member at KGV. I am certain that I will gain a lot more as I serve the community as a prefect and embark on my journey in KGV.