Student Leadership




Francesco Brassesco – Head Boy

Honestas ante Honores: the motto that has allowed us to strive throughout the years as the KGV community. It is our honesty and honor that bring us together as a community and push us to an endeavour for greatness. Henry Ford once said, ”Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”. Continuously throughout time KGV has come together and progressed. This year, the Senior Prefect Team and I hope to help you in not only progressing academically but also to progressing in being your own remarkable. To decide and make your own path and become another jewel in the KGV alumni community.

As a member of the Learning Resources Prefect Team, I will strive to educate and promote various uses of the ample resources available to students and teachers, and try my best to make revising as easy of a task as any. From the books in the library to various portals available through LIONEL, this open and public student network is what I hope to expand on, where students can freely share resources with one another.

Tiffany Yeung – Head Girl

Our experiences define us. Whether it be during our education, careers, or life beyond that, we each, as individuals, are given the choice of how actively we want to partake in the pursuit of our own fulfillment and successes. Throughout our lives, we are given opportunities to surpass our former selves, and to challenge the limits imposed by ourselves and others. We can choose to tell ourselves, I cannot succeed, but ultimately the greatest failure of trying is to not try at all. Choose opportunities. Choose challenges. Choose failures. Because only by allowing yourself to stumble and learn can you ultimately grow, as an accumulation of experiences, and live up to the best possible version of yourself.

As part of my own experiences in 2018, I will be working alongside my School Council and Sub-Committees team to strive towards three main goals: transparency, receptiveness, and collaboration. From managing the outwards and internal communications of the prefect team to organizing school tours, these are the aims that will be a conscious part of each step we take towards the betterment of the school community. Per aspera ad astra – through hardships to the stars. This year, may we reach the stars.

Zenia Patel – Deputy Head Girl

We, the KGV community, are only as strong as we are united. Our relationships are what make us remarkable, what gives us resilience – the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Resilience is a characteristic that is efficacious in all scenarios during a lifetime, whether it be in school in your early years or in the workplace following your school life. Such a quality is onerous to find, yet here at KGV, we seem to encounter it at every corner, in every individual comprising the diverse, yet united community of KGV. I believe that this union is what makes KGV so resilient, getting through every hardship and difficulty thrown its way as a family that sticks together.

In 2018, I will be working with my committed team of Prefects to develop and nourish the strong relationships with the KGV alumni. As an institution, we pride ourselves in being an international collective that maintains its vast alliances through experiences that lead to a blossoming of lasting memories and friendships. Through dedication and eagerness, I am assured that we will be able to attain our objectives for this year.

Neli Yuen – Deputy Head Girl

Everyone has their own ideas about what they would change about themselves. I was once a person who saw the glass as half empty rather than half full. Being a negative person can not only drag you down, but drag others around you down as well. I strove to focus on the good things rather the bad things. And that’s why I say now:


Enjoy the positives, and learn from the negatives.

As this year progresses, I will carry on striving to see the good in the bad, and encouraging others to do the same. Continuing with the metaphor we all know, looking at the glass as half full rather than half empty.

With the transition into the Middle Years Programme well underway, I will be working closely with the Curriculum Prefect Team to help make this transition a smooth and seamless one. Through assisting in the development of the educational aspects here at KGV, my team and I hope to provide a programme that is both beneficial and engaging for the students. KGV is not only a place to learn. It’s a place where you can enjoy yourself while doing so!

Olivier Muh – Deputy Head Boy

Learning, Leading, Inspiring. Three words we should all live by. To be able to live fearlessly from mistakes and challenges. To be able to have the resilience and tolerance to never give up. To be able to have the character and modesty to listen and learn from others regardless of your own success. The ones with such qualities will be the leaders of tomorrow. These leaders will be the ones who grow and flourish, starting off as small sprouts but soaking up information like a sponge, developing into a strong and powerful tree. They will not only lead, but have the greatest reward of inspiring future generations to become the leaders of tomorrow.

This year my team of prefects and I will be working alongside Mr. Grady to further improve the relations between Middle School and Senior School students. We believe that this will lead to a united school where Middle and Senior School students can learn from each other and, together, achieve greatness.

Matthew Luk – Deputy Head Boy

Leadership; what does this simple yet powerful word mean? Some people consider leadership to be the ability to motivate and inspire followers. Others argue that leadership is the ability to get the job done no matter what. Both definitions are true, yet I believe it is somewhat of a compromise of the the two. Leaders can influence and motivate followers to accomplish not only the set goals, but also go far beyond them in creativity, ingenuity and excellence. With these aspects in mind, leaders have the ability not only to guide followers, but also to inspire those around them.

This year, my team of prefects and I will be working closely with Mr Beard to develop and promote CAS throughout the school. Not only is CAS an essential aspect of the IB Diploma, but its main purpose is for students to have fun, show initiative and work with new peers. Not only do we wish to encourage students of all ages to get involved with CAS activities, we also hope that students are willing to step out of their comfort zones to allow their inner passions and abilities to surface from within. Never forget, CAS was created so that students could have more opportunities to have fun!