Student Leadership




Alex Gannon – Head Boy

KGV, a school in which pride and prestige are embodied throughout its entirety, where its core values; honesty, courage and resilience are exemplified daily, a school that I am honoured to be a part of. Together as a community, we strive to make KGV an elite home of education and most importantly, a school for one. We look to mould the next generation into open-minded and talented thinkers with our modern facilities and learning, however additionally stick to our roots whilst upholding our heritage and history in order for us all to be our own remarkable.

As a member of the Senior Prefect Team, I will strive to maintain and develop our ever improving, world-class campus and facilities. In order, to enable and provide the students, and the surrounding community, with the tools and premises they need to engage in the best learning we have to offer as an institute. Alongside my brilliant team of fellow prefects, we wish you all the luck we can offer for your upcoming year at this wonderful school.

Yiannie Lin – Head Girl

I’ve always admired the KGV Lion, and what I feel it represents: courage. But before courage comes something that behind the scenes, even the best of us may struggle with. Something that we all must learn to overcome – fear. Only when we break free of the shackles of fear can we reach our full potential. And that is why I encourage you all to to dream big – to step out of your comfort zone. Make mistakes, experience failure; and embrace the pain you feel when you ultimately fall down. Then rise back up, bolder than ever. As fearless as the school lion.

In 2019, my team of prefects and I will be working closely with Ms. Beer to promote student wellbeing at KGV, and work on developing a new student behaviour policy. We plan to bring the focus onto positive behavior; and through this, create a community where students embody the 3 core values of KGV – honesty, resilience, and courage. We wish to enhance each student’s development and their experiences within KGV.

Roisin O’Connor – Deputy Head Girl

KGV is, among many other admirable traits, outstandingly diverse. We are diverse not only in terms of our ethnicities and nationalities but in our orientations, our strengths, weaknesses, and our ambitions for the future. The wise Stephen Covey once said, “strength lies in differences, not similarities”. I believe that our differences to one another are not what makes us strong, it is the way we come together and retain mutual respect for those differences that allow us to be truly united. 

In the coming year, I will be working alongside my assiduous team of prefects to maintain and improve the relationships between the parents, students and staff members of KGV by means of actions led by our wonderful PTSA Committee. At the same time, we will be operating in company with the Community Engagement Group in order to enhance various aspects of the school and gradually define our place in relation to the rest of the Hong Kong Community. 

I look forward to the eventful year to come and wish everyone success in conquering whatever challenges arise! 

Victoria Cheung – Deputy Head Girl

Coming Soon.

Dihini Pilimatalawwe – Deputy Head Girl

KGV gives students many opportunities.

Opportunities to learn.  

Opportunities to explore.  

Opportunities to challenge ourselves.  

But most notably, KGV gives students the opportunity to be heard! The freedom that students have to voice their opinions about KGV makes it a truly remarkable school.  There is a multitude of platforms that students have access to in order to be seen and heard.  KGV prides itself on our ability to consider and act on our student’s voices.  This transparency between students and leadership allows for us, as individuals to grow.  We are able to review and discuss with others who have views which we may differ from our own and potentially develop our opinion about certain situations as we are exposed to alternative perspectives.

In the coming year, I will be working with my diligent team to evaluate and adapt the current student leadership model implemented in our school.  We would like to be able to look at defining what leadership means to KGV and ensuring that we have appropriate roles that match that definition.  At the same time, we will be involved with leadership events throughout the academic year.  

I am particularly excited for the coming year and hope that everyone is successful regarding their respective goals!

Jason Ma – Deputy Head Boy

I take great pride in being a member of the KGV community. Why is that?

A group of lions is called a pride. Despite the power of a lion’s roar, the roar of one lion cannot compare with the roars of a thousand. Ultimately, true power is synonymous with unity – and the KGV spirit embodies this.

Being a part of KGV means taking pride in your achievements; but also taking pride in seeing others succeed. It’s understanding that strength comes from togetherness – that we need to showing compassion and empathy to those who can’t pick themselves up. And finally, it’s understanding the value of honesty, courage and resilience in fostering a supportive, diverse community.

Together with my team of prefects, we will be working tirelessly on the Senior School Curriculum and CAS, which constitutes essential pillars of the KGV experience. Specifically, we will be focusing on enhancing the CAS experience – helping to further the atmosphere of friendly competition and facilitate the free space with which students can utilize their various skills and passions.

I look forward to the year ahead, and cannot wait to see what new changes will take place!

Ethan Fong – Deputy Head Boy

Year after year, KGV continues to grow and improve in all aspects. Thanks to the wonderful students, staff and support staff we have nurtured a tight-knit and welcoming community. We are very fortunate to have all these amazing facilities to assist our students in their passions and to push them out of their comfort zones. But it is important to always strive for more. As we move forward, I aim to maintain KGV’s esteemed place in the community, and to create new links. Our school will flourish and set a standard for others to beat.

During this year, I will be working with Mr. Deakin and Ms. Ashraf and my team to maintain our good relations with different universities and alumni groups. Many events are held on KGV grounds, and it is our responsibility that these go as smoothly as possible. In addition to that, we will try and seek out any new possible links to the community, ensuring that KGV is as well connected as ever.

Kayan Sayeed – Deputy Head Boy

coming soon.