Learning Technologies

At KGV, Learning Technology will enable, enrich, enhance and transform learning opportunities for students. Students will develop literacy in accessing, evaluating, creating and communicating information. Furthermore, they will be able to employ digital tools effectively and ethically.

We believe that one to one learning is the key to achieving this vision as it allows teachers to more fully engage students in the learning process. Furthermore, we will be empowering students to learn using 21st Century methods. Our students will be enabled to collaborate and compete in a global society which requires that they be technologically astute. In addition, one of our priorities is to help our students become more independent and reflective learners and we believe that this initiative will support students in this goal.

We made the decision to introduce the scheme in a structured way so that we have the opportunity to review our courses and ways of working in order for students to have the best learning experiences. The programme commenced in the academic year 2009 and we are now in the position where all of our students are part of the programme.

At present all Year 7 students have to purchase the school-selected model. At the end of their first laptop cycle (3-4 years), students are then allowed to bring in a model of their own choice which best suits their educational needs. Senior School students are actively encouraged to bring their own laptop into school in order to support their studies.

We are committed to working in close partnership with teachers, parents and students in this venture. We have established an eLearning Student Group and a teacher-led Learning Technologies Coaching programme. These groups will meet at various points during the year to discuss both practical issues such as developing One to One policies and protocols, and developing teaching and learning pedagogies using learning technologies. We are also committed to providing various training, guidance and support for parents during each year. Examples include practical training on our school-based systems and cyber awareness and safety and spinal health information sessions.

For more information about the 1 to 1 learning programme please visit our dedicated website:
1 to 1 Learning Programme