School Schedule

Will students get home on a Monday?
Buses will pick up as they usually do, but with an earlier pick up every Monday. Students who make their own way home will do this as usual. Student who wish to remain in school will use the facilities and then make their own way home.

Will the school be open to students after 2pm on a Monday?
The LRC (Learning Resource Centre) will be open for staff and students to use to collaborate. The canteen will also be available as a work space for students.

What about co-curricular activities on a Monday?
We have decided to put collaboration time on a Monday to reduce disruption. This is currently meeting day for all teachers so few activities run on this day. There will be occasions when there are inter-school fixtures which fall on a Monday and we will continue to support these as required.

Do other ESF schools have an early close for collaboration time?
We are currently the only ESF secondary school who does not have a weekly late start or early close for teacher collaboration. This change will put us in line with other ESF schools.

What will happen to the half days which currently happen for staff professional learning?
There will no longer be other calendared half days during the school year. The exception to this would be the end of term 1, CNY and term 3 when we would have an early finish following the whole school celebrations.

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Anson Bailey – Community Rep on KGV School Council / Principal, Business Development, KPMG