The tutor is at the heart of a KGV student’s experience. Tutors know their tutees well, seeing them every day and staying with them for up to four years.

KGV sees the role of the tutor as central to the overall development of any student. Tutors are the first point of contact for the parent or student, should issues arise. They will also monitor the potential and progress of each student. They have a key role in knowing each member of their Tutor Group and how best to help students meet their academic expectations using data, monitoring, communicating and intervening when necessary.

KGV is divided into two sections: The Middle School and Senior School. The Middle School is comprised of students in Years 7 to Year 10, whilst the Senior School is for students in Years 11 to 13. Within these schools, students are arranged in vertical tutor groups. Tutor groups in the Middle School usually compose of 20 students from the four different years, within the same tutor group. In the Senior School tutor groups compose of 24-26 students of all three years.