Admission Criteria

All ESF schools are non-selective academically. However, as English is the medium of instruction, it is essential that students demonstrate fluency in English before admission can be considered. For this reason, all students are required to pass a written English test.

Priority for Testing will be given to the following Categories:

1. First Language English Speaking children who cannot attend a local school

Children who speak English as a first language but do not speak Cantonese and/or read and write Chinese characters. These children are effectively denied the opportunity to attend a local aided school.

2. Other children who cannot attend a local school in Hong Kong

Among these will be:
1. those for whom English is not the first language but whose needs cannot otherwise be met in the local sector e.g. Dutch, Israelis, Koreans and other members of the international community, and
2. children who do not have Cantonese in their language profile.

3. Other children with English as an additional language

Children who can access the local system but who can meet the ESF’s entrance requirements.

Within these categories schools will give a priority to students who (in order)
a are siblings of children already attending the school (or another ESF school)
b. are attending an Educational Services Ltd Kindergarten (for Y1 only)
c. are former students returning from a period overseas
d. have a parent who is a full time employee of the ESF
e. are the children of former students of the school.

A student who has no place in a Hong Kong school, on arrival in Hong Kong, will take preference over a student with a place in another Hong Kong school.

There is a waitlist for all year groups at the College and placement is dependent on places being available. Parents may apply to only one ESF school.

To be considered for a place at Sha Tin College, please visit the ESF website and submit an application online:

On the ESF website you will also find information on Admission Policy and Procedure, School Fees, Corporate Surety Scheme and Refundable Capital Levy.

Residential Zone

Residential zones govern admission to all schools within the English Schools Foundation. To apply for admission to Sha Tin College, parents must live within the New Territories, including the Ma On Shan side of Tolo Inlet and Three Fathoms Cove. In addition, a small area within the Kowloon Peninsula (north of Lung Cheung Road and Norfolk Road to include Piper’s Hill, Broadcast Drive and Beacon Hill, excluding No. 1 Beacon Hill) is also included within the school zone.

School Fees

Please click here for information on school fees.