26 Nov 2018

Meet with Lindsay Varty, author of ‘Sunset Survivors’ and Gary Jones

Our BTEC Art and Design students had a fantastic opportunity to meet with Lindsay Varty, author of ‘Sunset Survivors’ and Gary Jones who’s photographs feature in the book.

By chance the students were about to analyse imagery and content from the book as part of their influence for a heritage unit in surface pattern. We then realised that Lindsay, an alumna of KGV was the author and invited her to talk to our design learners.

Our walking tour focused on seeking out slices of Hong Kong history and gaining appreciation for ancient and forgotten practices. We started in the heart of Yau Ma Tei and peeked behind the screens of Tai Yik Pawn Shop to meet with the broker Lai Wing Hing. From there the sounds of hammering against metal led us to Luk Shu Choi and Luk Keung Choi, brothers who have run a copper ware shop together for over sixty years.

Gary provided some valuable tips and tricks on street photography whilst Lindsay shared her research, writing and publishing process. Mrs Ho greeted us with a sweet smile as we made our way to her traditional Chinese scales shop. Our tour concluded at the Jade Market where we met Leung Lo Yik, one of only seven remaining letter writers in Hong Kong.

We are so grateful to Lindsay who enabled us to ‘capture a glimpse of the hardy few who have battled the odds and continue to run their businesses today’.

Ms McDaid