29 Nov 2018

Design Enterprise – Festive Pop-Up

Welcome to our Festive Pop-Up!

Our Maker Space CAS students, C13M, U13M teachers and technicians have collaborated on this enterprise project focused on experiential learning.

All profits made will be used to provide our KGV students with future opportunities to design, develop, market and sell high quality products to the school and wider communities.

We have batched produced a limited edition of trinkets, festive decorations, wrapping paper and cards. Some items may be personalised with your own messages.

Please secure your order before noon on 29 November.

Requested items will be made available for collection in the School Office within two days of your order confirmation. Please bring the correct payment amount in cash only to the Office or make a payment online.

Pop-Up Website

Join us at our physical Pop-Up Shop from 5pm onwards in the GLT on 28, 29 and 30 November. We will have a range of exciting new products available for sale.

Many thanks for your support.

Ms Samantha MCDAID