26 Nov 2018

English trip to Baptist University

A group of Year 12 higher level Literature students and Ms Turai-Kiss attended a poetry reading by the Pulitzer Prize winning poet Jess Tyehimba at Baptist University on Thursday 15th November. The event is part of the Distinguished Writers Series 2018. Mr Jess’s presentation titillated the audience, which included close to 300 students Hong Kong wide, with his complex and riveting syncopated and crown sonnets which draw upon the achievements and obstacles of the little known but extraordinary lives of African American artists and performers from slavery to emancipation. His anthology, titled Olio, took seven and half years to write. Our students were buzzing at the end of the 2 hour session, particularly about how Mr Jess visually demonstrated the powerful relationship between form and content in poetry. The event was organised by Professor Mette Hjort, Dean, Faculty of Arts, who happens to be the parent of alumni student Siri Livingston currently studying music at Cambridge University.