15 Mar 2019

KGV students engaging in environmental and eco-friendly initiatives

Several KGV students took a great environmental initiative by reviving some of the beautiful green that surrounds our school. As many Hong Kongers know, the most recent typhoon (Mangkhut) in 2018 was officially recorded as Hong Kong’s most intense storm in recent time. The impact of this natural disaster destroyed plenty of plants inside the school and trees in different areas bordering the streets of KGV. It was even mentioned that the record storm surge uprooted some 1,500 trees and left hundreds of windows smashed all over the city.

Although the students were busy studying or preparing for upcoming exams, some of them took the action to make a positive impact that would benefit the school and world as a whole. The students took the effort to plant some of the trees and plants that were wiped out by the typhoon. Not only did they re-populate the wonderful greenery for KGV, the students ultimately contributed to raising awareness on environmental issues that are still lacking in the city of Hong Kong.