14 Mar 2019

KGV in the annual Hong Kong Round of the World Scholar’s Cup

Over the weekend, KGV participated in the annual Hong Kong Round of the World Scholar’s Cup. The World Scholar’s Cup is an international academic competition that requires students to study a syllabus of six subjects revolving around a central theme — this year’s being ”A World on the Margins”. Content from the curriculum is assessed through four events: Debate, Collaborative Writing and two quizzes.

Following on from previous success, this year’s delegation of 66 students — KGV’s largest – achieved the best competition results in the school’s history. Our junior teams were immensely successful this year, with one team placing 3rd overall and the team of Ran Zhao, Chloris Wong, and Katherine Yan winning the title of overall champions of the junior division. There were exceptional achievements in the senior division as well, with teams placing 4th and 2nd in debate and an outstanding performance from Jason Ma who was crowned overall champion scholar. However, these are only a few examples from the extensive list of stellar accomplishments achieved by this year’s delegation.

While all the events took place over just one weekend, the journey these students undertook before the competition is equally as important. The past months of preparation have been extremely demanding, and the effort that every individual has put in to attending practice sessions and contributing to the KGV notes is worthy of praise. In particular, our student leaders (Jason Ma, Ismet Ozer and Alantha Zhang) deserve credit for running the club so well. They have organised all aspects of the competition from administration to leading twice weekly training sessions. Their work has been vital in the success of all teams, and their positive attitude has fostered a strong team spirit within the delegation.

We look forward to further success in the coming years as our talented juniors go on to lead the club in the future.