14 Mar 2019

Roar 6

An invitation for our parents to ‘ROAR’ again!



Our goal is to make KGV an even better school for the students and community that we serve. We believe that parent feedback is a great way to help us prioritise the issues that matter. After our successful previous ROAR events, we are looking to host our next session on Saturday 23rd March from 9.00am to 11.00am in the Learning Resource Centre at KGV School.

ROAR stands for ‘Reach Out, Appreciate, Respond’ in terms of:

  • Reach Out – to our parent community to build connections and seek ideas
  • Appreciate – and celebrate what great things are already happening and how together, we can add value
  • Respond – to the ideas we generate with action and outcomes

The focus of ROAR 6 will be to:

  1. Work collaboratively with parents to devise a KGV Parent Mobile Devices Charter.

Following consultation with our parent body we are currently looking to strengthen our KGV Mobile Devices Policy and to work with parents in producing a set of guidelines for using mobile devices at home. A strong home-school partnership is essential for us to set clear expectations and guidance in using mobile devices. We want to work together to set these expectations and work collaboratively to support our students.

  1. Gather feedback on the changes we are making to our assessment and reporting structures.

Students learn best when feedback is timely and developmental. We have been reviewing our current practices and would like to talk you through our proposal for providing students and parents with timely and quality feedback which will inform future learning and areas for focus. We would like to hear your views on the changes we are making to the timing of reports and the style of feedback you will receive.

We are looking forward to hearing our parent voice ‘ROAR’ again on Saturday 23 March from 9.00am to 11.00am. Light refreshments will be provided at the event. To register, please click on this link and we are looking forward to sharing our ideas.

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