14 Feb 2018

KGV musicians in support of SEN fundraising

17 KGV students performed in the 5th annual ESF’s Got Musical Talent. It was successfully held in late January to raise funds for the special educational needs (SEN) community. Kim Anderson, who is a former KGV parent and member of the ESF Board, was the organiser of the event. ( Read her interview http://hk.epochtimes.com/news/2018-02-01/26880443 ).

A round of applause to all performers!

Name list of KGV performers –
Year 7:
Ethan YUEN

Year 8:
Adrian MAK

Year 9:
Terence KEI
Christopher MCCOY
Shen TAN
Justin WAI
Duncan WONG
Elena LEE
Brandon CHOY
Ryan LEE

Year 10:
Katie MAK

Year 11:
Lok Hang TANG
Trisha CHAN

Year 12:
Ardra NAIR