Application Procedure

  1. General

Applications for entry to King George V School are made through the Online Admission System (OAS)Year 7 Central Applications are made during the month of September of the year before the student enters school.  Click here to see Key Dates.

General Applications for all year groups can be made throughout the whole year.

Parents may only submit one online application form per child with their selected preference of schools.  Zoning applies to ESF primary and secondary schools.  Parents can only apply to the ESF primary or secondary schools in the school of zone according to their Hong Kong residential address.  To determine the school of zone, please refer to ESF school zone document on the website.  If in doubt, you may call the school of zone or email Students from overseas can only apply to the school of zone for their expected area of residence in Hong Kong. Applicants from Hong Kong and applicants from overseas have equal status.  Zones are adjusted from time to time in the light of changing numbers.

For Central Applications (Year 7), all applications received within the ‘Central Application Period’ (1 to 30 September) will receive a computer-generated random number.  Applications will be ranked by priority category and assigned a random number for central processing. The interview list for each school is compiled, taking into account the priority criteria, the parent’s preferences, placement availability and requirements in line with the Education Bureau.  Applicants who are not able to gain a first-round interview are waitlisted for their first preference school.

Year 7 applications received after 30 September will be placed on a waiting list in date order of receipt.

For all other General Applications received during the year, these are processed by application date order and added to the waiting list according to the first preference school and priority criteria.


  1. Admissions Criteria

Applicants will be invited for interview and assessment at the school as vacancies become available.

Following a successful admissions interview and assessment, a place may be offered subject to availability.

Acceptance of the offer must be confirmed by payment of a deposit within the time frame specified on the offer letter, generally a period of between 7 and 14 days.

Acceptance of an offer is with a commitment of two academic years before any internal transfer request can be made regardless of the residential address.

If a student meets the entry requirements for King George V School but there are no immediate places available, the student will remain on the age-appropriate waiting list according to his/her priority status and, in the case of Central Admission applicants, the random number he/she was assigned.

In the event a place becomes available within six months of the initial successful assessment, no further assessment will be required. If an offer is made for an alternative school, no re-interview and re-assessment are required.

If a place has not become available after six months from the initial successful assessment, the child will be required to undertake a further assessment to be considered for the offer of a place should one subsequently become available.


  1. Application Fee

The application fee is HK$2,000.

This is a non-refundable and non-transferable fee.  Due to the high number of applications, the collection of this fee does not constitute any assurance that an interview or a school place will be offered.

It is important to note that an application WILL NOT BE processed without payment of the application fee.  Please ensure that you have applied for the appropriate academic year.  The application fee will NOT be refunded for incorrect application or early application.

Click here to view instructions on online payment.


  1. Supporting Documents

An application can only be processed when the necessary documents are submitted.

Before you start the application process, please view the ‘General Instructions (for General and Central Applications)’ on the ESF’s website.

In addition to the application form, you are required to submit supporting documents on the ESF website electronically.

The supporting documents are:

  • Copy of child’s school reports for the last two years, with English translation as appropriate;
  • Educational Psychology Reports or similar (where appropriate);
  • Copy of child’s birth certificate;
  • Copy of child’s passport including the current visa status for Hong Kong (*This is mandatory if the child is holding an overseas passport);
  • Copy of parent’s passport including the current visa status in Hong Kong (*This is mandatory if the parent is holding an overseas passport);
  • Copy of parent’s and child’s identity cards, if applicable as residing in Hong Kong;
  • Proof of Hong Kong address documents – latest stamped tenancy agreement or a current government demand for rates under parent’s name;
  • Proof of Hong Kong address documents – latest utility bill under parent’s name;
  • A reference letter from your child’s current school (for applicants seeking admissions to Year 3 and above);
  • Copies of examination certificates/results (for Year 12 application);
  • Electronic photo of the applicant.


  1. Assessments and Interviews for Admission

ESF schools are non-selective.  The only criteria for admission is that students must demonstrate sufficient English language skills so that they can benefit from our English-medium learning environment.

Applicants will be placed on a waiting list and will be invited to an interview/assessment when vacancies become available. They will be required to complete age-appropriate assessments to determine their ability to engage with an English medium curriculum.