27 Nov 2019

Action for a Cause Scholarship Awarded to KGV Students

“Action for a Cause” is an annual event held by Kids4Kids starting in late November and ending around August of the following year. Since Kids4Kids have received approximately 300 proposals since 2015 from kids hoping to change the world and this year have selected up to 30 groups to be awarded the $3000 scholarship. Proposals could be presented in pretty much any shape or form: Here’s how we did it.

8 November: On the 16th floor of Tak Lee Commercial building four kids- Kate, Jia, Emma and myself (Claire) were doing our last minute checks before the big pitch. 3,2,1. GO. Before we know it, all eyes on us.
“Thank you for attending our pitch,” I announced, being my ‘confident’ self, the nerves didn’t get to me yet…Yeah, that confidence didn’t last for long.

The presentation began and we started to get the hang of it, I was anxiously trying to get a good balance of eye contact and reading from the script (like the teachers tell you to) without losing where I was on (maybe not so easy?)

Overall I didn’t mess up on any words or anything but compared to my peers (which is by the way pitch-perfect) I was alright. At the end of it, we all felt good and really wanted to win the scholarship because we had invested everything into it, from creating a Twitter and Instagram account all the way to speaking with various NGOs. The winners were to be announced Monday 11 November 2019.

11 November 6:10: I was at badminton class and during my break, my friends started sending me with messages about how they still didn’t announce the winners and it’s already 6:10.

11 November 7:00 My friends started messaging me again, about 10 million missed calls from Kate. Wow. As I log into Whatsapp, I get 1000 messages in the group chat all repeating the same thing- We had done it.

– Claire Luo, year 9 student