27 Nov 2019

World Scholar’s Cup 2019 Experience from KGV Students

From 8th-12th November, two teams of three year 10 students each participated in the Junior Division of the World Scholar’s Cup’s Tournament of Champions, competing at Yale University against over 450 other teams of 1400+ scholars from 60 different countries/regions.

The World Scholar’s Cup is an annual academic tournament featuring three eliminatory rounds culminating in the Tournament of Champions taking place at Yale University. The competition requirements feature a syllabus spanning a wide range of topics over six subjects and nurture skills in writing and speaking through team debates and collaborative writing.

The students finished this round with outstanding achievements, including but not limited to individual results such as 3rd place in writing (Isaac), 2nd and 4th for the Scholar’s Challenge (Katherine and Ran respectively), and four Champion Scholars placements. The boys’ team came 17th overall, having placed 3rd in writing and 10th in Team Challenge. The girls’ team placed 1st in Team Challenge and 3rd in Bowl, and were crowned the overall champion team of the competition, a massive achievement. Collectively, the delegation left the final round of the competition with 74 medals and 10 trophies.

“The World Scholar’s Cup has opened our eyes to new horizons of approaching learning. Most importantly, we have learned how to be our own remarkable during this course of this competition.”

At the Tournament of Champions, through careful preparation and hard work, both teams vied against teams from all over the world and managed to achieve high scores and leave a memorable mark as KGV’s first junior teams to ever compete at the Tournament of Champions.

Written by Chloris, Isaac, Zachary, Katherine, Felix and Ran