17 May 2019

Learning Ceramics at KGV with Resident Artist Susan Halls

To celebrate the year of the PIG and the cultural significance of the Chinese Zodiac, KGV School had the pleasure to welcome Susan Halls as our resident artist for a week. Susan is a senior lecture at York University in the UK in ceramics and sculpture. Susan is also a fellow of the Royal College of Art in London. She has worked extensively across USA, UK and Europe as an educator and artist. This is her first time to visit Hong Kong as an artist and we are honoured to have her work at KGV School.

Throughout the week, Susan delivered a number of workshops focused with our Y10 Artists. Susan shared her experiences and current thinking with our students. During the workshops, the Y10 Artists got to create ceramic pig’s to celebrate the year of the pig. They were able to learn different skills and techniques that they can apply for future art work at KGV. Much has been written and recorded about Susan. You can find her website below as well as finding a number of links to her amazing work.