8 Oct 2018

Essential Power Upgrade – This Weekend

Dear All,

We will have an essential power upgrade at Link Block over this weekend 13th to 14th October, which requires the power supply to be suspended including the IT server room for the whole School. Lionel and the KGV Google Drive will not work – even from home.  Outlook email and ESF Gateway will still work from home but that is all.  The following services will be suspended during the power upgrade:

  • School Internet – both Wi-Fi and LAN network (all across School)
  • Access to Outlook mail system, school website, ESF Gateway – accessible only with your own cellular/home broadband network
  • Printing services;
  • Network Drives;
  • LIONeL including Gmail, Google Drive and all Google services;
  • All phones apart from those at Peel Block G/F

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Please make necessary plans for work planning for this weekend. The ICT team still need a few hours to put things back online on Monday morning after the upgrade is finished.  Therefore, be prepared to not have your IT systems up-and-running first thing Monday – plan an ‘analog’ task for the first few hours in work on Monday 15th October.  Enjoy a digital free weekend.



Business Manager