10 Jan 2018

Cold Weather Notice

Please make sure you are dressed appropriately for these cold days. School blazers, warm wool sweaters and fleeces are available for purchase at the PTSA shop. Under layers and warm socks or tights are essential for you to stay warm. Wear lots of thin layers – clothes made from cotton, wool or fleecy fibres are particularly good and maintain body heat. Make sure you wear school uniform specified footwear with a good grip to reduce the risk of slipping and falling on wet floor and take your time when walking.

Look after yourself
• Food is a vital source of energy and helps to keep your body warm so have plenty of hot food and drinks
• Aim to include five daily portions of fruit and vegetables.
• Exercise is good for you and helps to keep you warm and healthy. If possible, try to move around at least once an hour

We want you to be comfortable and to enjoy your time at school.

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