16 Mar 2018

Dragages: Girls on the Move initiative (Career in Engineering)

On Saturday 03 March 2018, our student Erika Fernandes attended “Girls on the Move”, an initiative focusing on a Career in Engineering.
The “Girls on the Move” event was a great experience. I decided to take part in the event after my physics teacher, Mr. Morrison, asked if I was interested. I am in year 12 now, so I am still on edge about what I want to study after I graduate. Engineering happened to be one of the choices I was considering — after Architecture. I thought going to this event would help me see and learn more about what an engineer does. And it really did.

“Girls on the Move” was really an eye-opener. I met so many new people including women who work in engineering, some who are studying to be engineers and other ESF school students who are aspiring to be or are interested in Engineering. The different levels of experience from all the people I met really helped me learn more about the process of becoming an Engineer. The best part of it all was getting to visit the Tuen Man – Chep Lap Kok tunnel (while it was still being built). We learned about the different equipment used to make the tunnels, the layout and the design of the tunnel which I thought was really interesting.

Overall, my experience at Dragage really helped me learn a lot as a girl aspiring to be an engineer and it was really inspiring. All the people who work at Dragage really seem like they enjoy what they do and that I think is the most important thing to consider when deciding what to do in the future.

– Erika Fernandes ( Year 12 )