10 Jan 2020

Year 7, 11 and 12 Parent learning review evenings

Parens may contact teachers at any time if they have questions or seek feedback, however, the learning reviews are your opportunity to see multiple teachers in one evening.

Year 12 parents are invited for Tuesday 21 January from 3:45pm. The appointment system is open for bookings now.

Year 7 parents are invited for Wednesday 5 February from 3:45pm. Bookings will open in Lionel at 8pm on Wednesday 22 January.

Year 11 parents are invited for Monday 10 February from 2:30pm. This review is rescheduled from the cancelled event in November. Bookings will open in Lionel at 8pm on Thursday 30 January.

To make an appointment, please log in to Lionel with your parent account and follow the appointments link on the landing page.