14 Jan 2020

Year 6 Students Experience a Day in the Life at KGV

As part of Transition Day, KGV welcomed year 6 students from Clearwater Bay School, Kowloon Junior School and Beacon Hill School. Students got a taste of what life is like studying at KGV, as they took part in various activities throughout the day.

They were firstly given an introduction and some background of our school. The principal Mark Blackshaw gave the students a talk on what they can expect studying at KGV, as well as the different extracurricular activities they can be part of.

After some briefing, the year 6’s then toured around the school campus with their respective student group leaders. They visited a few classrooms, the learning resources center, and other facilities the school has to offer that will enhance their learning.

All of the year 6’s left our school with plenty of joy, a bunch of new friends, and excitement to take the next step in their educational journey. We hope to see all of you at KGV in the upcoming school term!