14 Feb 2020

Year 11 Mathematics: Exam Preparation

Thank you to those parents who, at the recent Learning Review, gave us some ideas on how we can help you help your children prepare for the upcoming exams. We have now updated our revision resources on our coursepage to include all the available past papers for the current syllabus. The link is here; please click the last tile titled “Revision” and then “New Syllabus – Past Papers (from 2018)”. For your information, filenames with an “F” are Foundation Tier, and those with an “H” are Higher Tier. Question papers’ filenames include the code “que”, and those with “msc” are the corresponding markschemes. 

For the parents of students planning to take the Further Pure Mathematics examination, please find the coursepage at this link. Please click the tile titled “Past Papers”, and similarly to the Mathematics A course, those filenames with “que” are the question papers, although the markschemes are indicated with the code “rms”. 

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your child’s teacher should you need help with these, or with any other aspect in helping your child prepare for the upcoming IGCSE examinations.

Mathematics Department