22 Nov 2019

Year 11 and Year 9 Options

Dear parents and students

We appreciate the disruption to school has reduced the time you have had to interact with staff regarding your option choices. We have extended the deadline to Friday 29th of November. Some students may require Head of Department approval to select an IB or BTEC subject or level. Students need to arrange meetings with Heads of Department to request these courses before the deadline. 

Student choices determine the subjects that run and the number of groups for each subject. Once the timetable is built only limited changes are possible. Changes are only possible if there is space in a group and if the rest of the timetable works with the change. Opportunities to request changes are advertised in the student bulletin and school calendar.

To help you and your child I have shared a reminder of how to use the system with the students. In addition to this  have created a list of contacts for the Heads of Departments in case you would like to ask about a subject. 

Please remember you can find out more about the subjects for year nine by logging into Lionel and going to https://lionel2.kgv.edu.hk/course/view.php?id=3942

For information related to the IB Diploma and BTEC pathways please log into LIONeL and go to https://lionel2.kgv.edu.hk/course/view.php?id=3384

Thank you for supporting your child to pick their options.

Best wishes
Heather Millington
Vice Principal