12 May 2020

Y13 Flying Start

KGV is proud of the work and resilience shown by our Year 13 Graduating class. It has been a challenging year, and we believe the cancellation of IB Diploma exams provides a unique opportunity for IB and BTEC Diploma students to engage in some exciting and worthwhile learning opportunities during Term 3. KGV ‘Flying Start’ is designed to keep you engaged, and your brain ‘ticking over’ in the months before you embark on the next exciting chapter of your learning journey.

We have put together a series of short courses, keynote speeches, panel discussions and wellbeing sessions, all aimed at giving you a flying start to life at University and beyond KGV. KGV ‘Flying Start’ has something for everyone, and draws on expertise and resources from KGV Alumni, KGV Teaching staff, Universities, Corporate partners, existing and valued online programs, ESF connections, community partners and parents. The programs vary from being one off keynote sessions, three or four session short courses, and up to three months intensive certified courses that run into the summer vacation. We invite you to explore and opt into a range of exciting options.

Click here for Y13 Flying Start Website

Term 3 has presented us with a rare opportunity, daring us to be different, and again inviting us to ‘be our own remarkable’.