9 Mar 2018

World Scholar’s Cup

KGV has once again taken part in the annual Hong Kong round of the World Scholar’s Cup. The World Scholar’s Cup is an international academic competition that consists of four events: Debate, Collaborative writing, and 2 quizzes – one for individuals and one for teams. All of these events are centred around a six-subject syllabus with content from this year’s theme of “An Entangled World”. Content studied included topics such as memory, cryptocurrency, diplomacy, and much more.

A total of 48 students from KGV took part in the competition this past weekend, bringing home stellar results. This year’s delegation not only ranked highly in all aspects of the competition but also achieved the best collective academic performance in KGV’s history of participation at the World Scholar’s Cup. The top 3 champion scholars in the senior division were all from KGV, whilst two senior teams placed 2nd and 3rd overall. In the Junior division, teams placed 6th overall, 2nd in debate, 9th in collaborative writing and 7th in bowl; another individual in the Junior division placed 4th in debate. However, we’d like to re-emphasize that there are too many accomplishments to list in a single article.

The success was only possible through the effort of each and every individual from KGV who has embraced the spirit of the competition with utmost enthusiasm. Students not only demonstrated their excitement and love of learning through the academic aspects of the competition, but also actively took part in the talent show. They showcased their unique abilities and courage by singing the school song to the entire crowd.

The KGV delegation has truly represented the dedication and passion of KGV students, and moreover, the exceptional results of hard work.

Emily Chung, Jenny Hu, Natalie Kainz, Charles Ma and Leuven Wang
WSC Leadership Team