16 Jul 2020

Well done for all the hard work Kayley!

A huge congratulations to Kayley Wong! She was awarded the 2020 Book Award from AmCham Charitable Foundation, in recognition of academic excellence, a spirit of service to others and demonstrated leadership

Kayley is a model student who is conscientious and diligent in her approach to her education. She approaches her studies with maturity and interest. Within her senior tutor group she is an excellent role model to the younger students as her calm interpersonal strengths, and humble nature, ensure her relationships with peers and teachers are unfailingly productive, and she garners the respect of all who are fortunate enough to be engaged with her on an academic, community-based or social level. She is self-effacing and incredibly supportive of both peers and staff alike. 

Kayley possesses enviable organisational and time management and is always the first person to volunteer to help organize a school event. She is an intelligent student, one who continuously strives to improve and will self-reflect on her work and achievements, seek advice on how to further improve and will then act accordingly on the advice provided. This is evidenced in her improved levels in subject areas she has targeted. Her determination for self- improvement has not gone unnoticed by staff and her peers as many will seek her advice on how to increase their own performance.