14 Jun 2019

Visit to Xiqu Centre, Hong Kong

As part of the Year 9 Chinese Language course, 45 students have visited Xiqu Centre (戏曲中心) for a cultural experience on 10th May and 11th June respectively. The 60-minutes guided tour helped students to explore the Xiqu Centre facilities, learn about the architectural and design features of the new venue, and discover fascinating facts about the art of xiqu.

“Going to Xiqu Centre was certainly an interesting experience. We took a tour of the centre, and our guide told us a whole lot of information about the building, and Chinese Theatre as a whole. I really enjoyed learning about the cultures and traditions surrounding Chinese theatre, and I also enjoyed looking around the amazing building. And the building was amazing, it looked stunning from the outside and inside, with beautiful architecture and awesome facilities. Even though we only had a limited time there, I still feel like it was a valuable, worthwhile experience.”

By Jack Cheng