22 Jun 2016

Virtual visit to CERN, Switzerland

On June 7th KGV Physics students took a virtual trip to Switzerland to visit CERN, the home to the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) , one of the major Physics projects running in the world today. Via a live video link we were given a tour by two CERN Physicists, Subodh Patil (an ex-ESF student) and Mike Storr who gave us a live tour of the facility and of the CMS detector (the Compact Muon Solenoid). We were incredibly lucky to have here in person at KGV Professor John Ellis who acted as a guide at this end. Professor Ellis was previously the head of theoretical Physics at CERN and is one of the leading particle Physicists in the world today. It was an amazing opportunity for our students to meet and speak with such a high caliber scientist and Professor Ellis did a great job of explaining his ideas to our students. We are hoping to set up future virtual visits to CERN and hope that we can build up a relationship with this exciting institution.