24 Apr 2020

Student Achievement

The impressive story of Michael Sun (Year 11)
He published a paper on his research achievements in the SCI journal Micromachines last week.
Michael’s dad would like to share a few words with us:
H. C. M. Sun, P. Liao, T. Wei, L. Zhang, and D. Sun, “Magnetically powered biodegradable microswimmers,” Micromachines, vol. 11, no. 4, pp. 404, 13 April 2020.
Michael read my papers on magnetic microrobots published in “Science Robot” (2018) and “Small” (2019) last year, and showed great interest in related topics. Driven by these existing works, Michael proposed the idea of a new type of biodegradable magnetically driven microrobot with multi-segment structure connected by a spring, which can be mass-produced and has better structural integrity. The length of the microrobot is 100 to 200 µm, which is equivalent to the diameter of human hair, and can be potentially used for precision medical treatment in the future. I immediately realized that this idea was very novel and encouraged Michael to turn his ideas into reality.
Michael himself studied a few months of relevant knowledge before formulating a theoretical plan. I found his hypothesis to be technically reasonable, and then obtained resources from my university to enable Michael to conduct further experimental research. I am very happy to see that after several months of hard work, Michael has made great progress and finally published his research results in an internationally renowned journal in this field. Michael has also produced a video for the research project, as shown in the attachment. He plans to participate in the Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition in May and possibly the national China Adolescents Science and Technology Innovation Contest in July/August.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the teachers of KGV for educating Michael to be a self-motivated person with independent thinking, creativity, strong research capabilities, and scientific spirit. As a parent, I am proud that my child can study at KGV.