10 May 2019

Thank you for supporting KGV Alliance 5

Thank you to those who attended the KGV Alliance 5 event on a rainy night. To those that couldn’t attend, your presence was certainly missed.

We believe inspiring events such as last night’s contribute to strengthening our community as a school and help develop students in their learning life. All the students, staff and parents who attended were engaged throughout the night, representing a strong school spirit which KGV always aims for.

It was truly a special evening with three KGV student groups pitching passionately about different initiatives aimed to build community both locally and overseas. There were fantastic presentations on community service in Hong Kong, the Lizzie Bee Foundation and an innovative MED app. The projects showcased some of KGV Schools bright ideas to make a positive impact on the world and highlight the drive for students to make a change. We are sorry to those who were not able to make it at last night’s event. We hope you can join us at the next KGV Alliance 6 event in September and experience some inspiring student pitches that help strengthen our community as a school.

Please see the link here for some of the fantastic photos that were captured during the night and stay tuned for our next Alliance event in September.

We would like to give everyone the opportunity to help these causes and make and impact.

If you would like to support these student initiatives, please donate immediately by clicking this link or via PayPal to development.fund@kgv.edu.hk. Your support to KGV students is highly appreciated and valued by the community.

The KGV Alliance initiative has been a tremendous success since its inception. We are always looking to improve the event to make it the best possible experience to all our guests. Please take a moment to post your review of the event to us at alliance@kgv.edu.hk. We welcome all your feedback, ideas and suggestions on how we can further improve to build this network.

Remember to register yourself as our Alliance Member now!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the next KGV Alliance event in September.

Kind Regards,
KGV Alliance Team
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