6 Dec 2019

Term 2 CAS Activity Program

Term 2 CAS Activity Program

It’s been an incredibly busy and fun packed term 1 for CAS Activities. The CAS program has seen a larger number and greater diversity of CAS activities, not seen before at KGV. This has included:

Under our new activities term blocking format, most Term 1 activities end Friday 29th of November. A few sports, performing arts and a select few other activities will continue, due to the pressures of their season, performance dates and external factors. Please note a change in procedure to previous years to create a fairer sign up process during the transition between term 1 and term 2.

Important Dates:

  •         Friday 29th November – Term 1 program ends
  •         Monday 2nd December – Sign up for term 2 opens
  •         Friday 13th December – Sign up for term 2 closes

o    During this time students can add and remove themselves from activities

o    Excluding any paid programs students have committed to for the year

  •         Monday 6th January – random allocation takes place and students notified
  •         Monday 13th January – Term 2 CAS Program starts
  •       Students can still select new opportunities on offer by viewing the activity list on the Lionel summary page.

Please remember: Students are not allowed to participate in their chosen activity unless they are signed up and have parental approval. The system cannot allocate students and the activity registers for each session will only populate photos for the students that have been approved and chosen for the activity.

For external paid activities:

  •         Paid activities joined at the beginning of the year have a full year commitment, and students will not be eligible for a refund if they decide to leave the program.
  •         For new term 2 paid activities, students can select and opt out before the end of term (13th December), should they change their mind. After this date, students will be committed to the activity and receive an e-payment.

Finally, I would like to thank parents for your support with allowing students to take part in the CAS program. I would also welcome any feedback or suggestions you have to both improve the CAS Program by identifying particular activities that you would like to see offered at KGV.

Thank you

Mr Beard

CAS and Service Learning Coordinator