13 Jun 2018

Tea Ceremony Workshop 茶道工作坊

New update – Video and pdf added!


Two Chinese tea ceremony workshops have been organized and conducted throughout the last week of May, successfully brought authentic cultural richness to students’ language learning. Students from various levels, including Year 10 first language and Year 12 Language B SL, had an inspiring experience of Chinese tea culture. From students’ feedback, it is delighted to see that this cultural event sparked their interests of cross-cultural understanding, as well as language learning.


Here are some of the students’ feedback:

From this experience, I learnt a lot about the cultures of tea and it gave me an insight and built up my knowledge on the history of tea and how people prepare it.  Thank you so much for giving such a meaningful lesson on the culture of tea and it was such an unforgettable experience!  My favorite tea was black tea because it tasted really smooth and sweet.

  • Jasmine LEUNG [10U11M] – 1st Language Chinese


After this experience, I understood more about the different teas in China.  I appreciate the fact how we could learn these skills in school and how I wouldn’t be able to learn these skills outside the classroom.

I understood how tea is in our everyday life, especially learnt the fact on how to brew tea in a traditional way.  I also got to see what tea at it’s first state was.

  • Alex GOH [10C01M] – 1st Language Chinese



The tea ceremony lesson today was extremely interesting.  We’ve learnt the different types of tea and their characteristics, their origin, and the art of tea-making.  I particularly enjoyed consuming the tea.  I hope that there is a chance to experience this lesson again.

  • 周小轩 Emma CHOW [10N07M] – 1st Language Chinese


我非常感谢三位老师教我们正确泡茶和喝茶的方式。今天让我爱上了茶的文化,教会了我不同茶的名称、香味、颜色和味道。 我之前不喜欢喝茶的,但今天却喝了数不胜数的茶。 谢谢老师们让我爱上了茶!

  • 朱朗彤Nadia CHU [10N02M] – 1st Language Chinese





I really enjoyed learning about the different types of tea as well as trying the tea’s themselves. My favorite was the red tea.   –   Shivaya LAKHANI [12U03S] – Language B Standard Level



This experience was interesting and engaging for us to be involved personally. Seeing how different types of tea are brewed was new and being able to watch it up close in real life was a lot more meaningful than just simply watching a video.

–   Rachel CHOI [12U04S] – Language B Standard Level




– Sunny JUNG [12U01S] – Language B Standard Level