6 Jun 2019

Take a Break from your Phone! Disconnect to Reconnect at KGV

We learn by doing! Learning through trial and error, practice, participation, teaching someone else and creating a product has been shown to be some of the most productive ways to learn. Basically you can talk and read about something, but applying and then reflecting that knowledge or skill is a great way to make it real.

Vice Principal, Ms Beer and the Student Development team lead an exciting learning process at KGV this week called ‘disconnect to reconnect’ where before school and during lunch breaks, we are all having a break from our mobile digital devices. Students who need to complete school work can still go to the LRC and do this, it is about having a break from social media and gaming whilst at school.

As humans, we need to interact, create positive relationships and communicate face to face to remain healthy and feel a sense of belonging and connectedness. We want to remind our students about some amazing traditional ‘technologies’ and opportunities that exist in our school such as playing card games or enjoying the sun at the Piazza garden.

One KGV student had said “the digital detox was a refreshing idea and made me realize how much we rely on digital devices nowadays.” This opportunity for experiential learning will spark many ideas about where we want to be regarding technology and our social interactions at KGV.