Severe Weather Procedures


The rainy season lasts from April to September. Parents are advised to note the following arrangements, which apply in all cases except where students are taking external examinations (see EXTERNAL EXAMINATIONS below).


Before school hours:

Parents should use radio or television (or consult the EDB website) to receive announcements on the closure of schools.

If Typhoon Signal Pre-8 or Signal 8 or above is raised prior to school hours, all schools will close. Kindergartens and the Jockey Club Sarah Roe School (JCSRS) will close if a Signal 3 is hoisted.

The pre-8 signal indicates that the observatory expects to raise the Signal 8  within two hours, giving schools and families the opportunity to be prepared.

If a signal is raised while students are travelling to school, the school is responsible for receiving the students and holding them until arrangements can be made for them to return home at an appropriate time.


In school hours:

With the government announcement of the closure of schools, all schools are to close. In that situation principals will ensure that safe and adequate arrangements can be made for students to return home.

If that is impossible the school will inform affected parents that their children will remain in school until it is safe to release them or until a parent or designated responsible adult picks them up. Students will not be sent home on school buses once a Signal 8 or above has been hoisted.

Heavy Persistent Rain

Please see the below leaflet provided by the Education Bureau about actions on rainstorm warnings.



It should not be assumed that the above procedures will hold for those taking external examinations e.g. GCSE, A Level or International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Parents will be advised about contingency plans for extreme weather by the schools in their communications to parents on examination arrangements. Parents are advised to keep these arrangements easily available should such conditions arise. All schools will follow common procedures for each session of such examinations.

In extreme weather please do not telephone your child’s school unless it is absolutely necessary.
Please refer to the ESF or school website.

In the interest of your children’s safety, and in accordance with the guidelines of the EDB and Hong Kong Observatory, lessons will be cancelled in the event of adverse weather conditions.
No refunds will be given.  Where possible, participants will be advised of rescheduled ‘make up’ classes.

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