12 Oct 2018

Senior Harrow Mathematics Competition

Every year, the Senior Harrow Mathematics Competition is held, unsurprisingly, at Harrow International School Hong Kong. The competition was composed of three rounds: a group round, a cross-number, and a passback round. All of the rounds provoked students to think outside of the box as they were faced with unusual problems and questions.
On 27 September a group of 16 students represented KGV in the competition, led by teachers Ms. Wong and Mr. Plamping. All four teams excelled, with every team finishing in the upper half. One team finished fourth, and was only one question away from first place. Unfortunately, a long division mistake cost them the deciding six marks.
The competition encouraged students to be creative, attempt unique math problems, and, most importantly, have a great time. Although the desire to win was a fundamental part of the competition, what mattered most was the experience. And in the end, we all agree that the competition was a great learning experience that we are sure to repeat again.
Quotes from students:
“The experience was definitely worthwhile, and we have learnt the lesson to always check our work thoroughly. Even if it’s just long division.” – Allan Guo
“We were really close, and I hope we can do even better next year.” – Gaurav Arya
“There was 20 minutes left, yet somehow none of the four of us realised the quotient looked about 10 times too small” – Elly Hung
“The maths was hard but at least we got cookies.” – Terence Kei
“Mathematics is fun, and hopefully next time we can do better.” – Deepak Nair
“No matter how good you are at math, if you get trolled by a question, it’s game over for you.” – Adrian Wong
“We all did our best and had a great time, hopefully we’ll get the top next time.” – Johan Yim