Purpose, Vision and Values

Our Purpose

‘Be your own remarkable…’

Our Vision

We create a ‘school for one’. A place where each and every person engages in remarkable learning to achieve at high levels and be the best they can be.

As an agile school, we collaborate and innovate to make a difference in the communities we serve and lead.

Our students are empowered to be their own remarkable by:

  • Challenging themselves and others to achieve at high levels and be the best learners they can be
  • Embracing and enacting our school values of honesty, courage and resilience
  • Dreaming big and setting ambitious goals and targets
  • Being excited, innovative, and grasping opportunities
  • Understanding their own wellbeing and enacting behaviours to stay healthy
  • Connecting positively with others and embracing diversity in our global context

Our staff are empowered to be their own remarkable by:

  • Placing our students first in all that they do
  • Collaborating with others to promote their own learning and our collective capabilities
  • Embracing, enacting and explicitly modelling our values of honesty, courage and resilience
  • Communicating a sense of optimism, positivity and displaying a ‘growth mindset’
  • Demonstrating a mindset of high expectations and continuously evaluating the impact their teaching is having on student learning
  • Promoting and enacting wellbeing as a foundation of our learning community

Our school is remarkable by:

  • Creating a ‘school for one’ that personalises the learning experience for all and enables each and every person to be a remarkable learner
  • Being a hub for community learning where our parents, alumni and community connect in authentic, sustainable and evolving ways
  • Honouring our rich history and traditions whilst embracing innovation
  • Prioritising the connection between wellbeing and learning through our values and actions
  • Being an agile school and empowering collaboration at all levels to build our ‘engine rooms’ for professional learning, teacher evaluation of their impact on student learning and driving school improvement within our ESF family
  • Truly believing, that every person can be their own remarkable
Our KGV Lion Values – Building our community of learners

Honesty we are truthful, respectful, fair and authentic

Courage we are brave, bold and do what is right

Resilience we are all learners and never give up