PTSA Shop Opening Times

Term Time: 8:00 a.m. – 3:45 p.m. (closed 2:20 p.m. – 3:20 p.m.).

PTSA Shop opening hours June – 13 August 2020

PTSA shop will remain closed until further notice.


The KGV School Parents Teachers Students Association (PTSA) welcomes you to our website.

For those of you who are continuing your association with the School, and for new parents joining us for the first time, we invite you to take an active role in the KGV PTSA. The PTSA exists for the benefit of all students, teachers and parents at King George V School. It is a voluntary, school community organization and part of the school structure. It is not limited in its scope to fundraising, but is involved in the total life of the school.

The PTSA provides a forum for the exchange of information between the school administration and parents, and for the schools support groups to communicate and be aware of each others activities. Our aim is to bring together parents, students, teachers and friends of KGV and thereby help to provide the best possible environment and learning experience for all students.


  • To act as a representative body of its members.
  • To bring together parents, teachers, students and the wider school community to work in harmony and in the common interest of the school.
  • To promote and develop the school profile within the community.
  • To foster links and offer support to charitable organisations.
  • To maintain and foster the goodwill and enthusiasm of parents in the school and provide a link to the school management.
  • To embrace the talents, resources and support of parents thereby enhancing the quality of the education experiences available to present and future students.

You can contact the PTSA at any time on any subject via the email to or by telephoning our PTSA Manager on 2760 6660.

Please click here for KGV PTSA Personal Information Collection Statement

Annual Membership

Under section 21 of the PTSA ordinance, it is a requirement for all families to pay annual membership fees to their PTSA. This annual membership fee at KGV was set by the PTSA committee at $400 per family for 2019/20.

We would like to remind you that membership fees go towards providing support to the school and various services and events for students and parents for example operating a school shop from Monday to Friday with a PTSA Shop Manager and a PTSA Manager. A shortfall in fees will mean a reduction in services and PTSA support for projects for the benefit of all of our students. Your fees payment will enable your child/children to receive a KGV student Identity card for this academic year enabling discounts at various retail outlets listed in the PTSA student ID card discount tab.

PTSA Committee

The committee has up to 17 representatives, 11 PTSA parent members; the Principal and 3 members of the teaching staff and 2 student representatives. The committee meets on the first Wednesday night of every alternate month at 5:45pm at KGV School.

The PTSA is not directly involved in the management or running of the school however, there is one elected parent from the PTSA Executive Committee who sits on the school council. For this year 2019-2020, the Chair is Kim Gan.

Kim Gan
Vice Chair
Stephen Hon
Madeline Lok
Mark Blackshaw
Teacher Representatives
Carole Beer
Martin Cockram
Catherine Muir
Ian Goff
Ordinary Members
Meghna Agarwal
Rowena Chan
Shilpa Dhanuka
Purvi Shah
Matthew Yip
Reena Khanna
Doug Pulsford
Kevin Yuen
Student Representative
Nura Yip
Shraavasti Bhat
Freddy Liu
PTSA Manager
Kiran Budhrani


For PTSA Meeting Minutes, Please view here :

Annual General Meeting 2015-2016

26 April 2017 Meeting Minutes

20 June 2017 Meeting Minutes

7 Sept 2017 Meeting Minutes



The first contact most parents will have with the PTSA is through the school shop, located on G/F Peel Block (next to Middle School Office). Our shop manager is happy to answer all of your queries about summer, winter and PE uniform. The shop also sells a range of stationery supplies. All shop profits go towards funding of projects for the benefit of KGV students. Cheque, cash and octopus card are welcome, credit cards will not be accepted.

Telephone: 2760 6661 / 2760 6660
Opening Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 3:45 p.m. (Break: 2:20 p.m. – 3:20 p.m.)
Shop Staff: Tiffany

Please read below –

PTSA Events

Student ID Card Discounts 2019-20

KGV PTSA issues the KGV student identity card with discounts at various outlets.

*Some of the discounts may be subject to terms and conditions from the outlet and may not be used for promotion or discounted items.

Students are suggested to carry their student identity card with them at all times (in and outside of school) as it would need to be produced to receive student status and student discount at various public facilities eg, MTR, public transport, theme parks etc as well as the outlets listed in this list.

There are discounts for Students on all Cinemas, Museums, Theme Parks and Public Transport.

These discounts will only be applicable upon producing their KGV student identity card issued by the PTSA.

For further details, contact the PTSA Manager, Kiran at 2760 6660 or

Lost Property

Managed by PTSA
All Lost Property is managed by the PTSA Shop located at G/F Peel Block (next to Middle School Office).

Named items

Once named items have been handed in at the PTSA Shop they are dealt with as promptly as possible.

Procedure –

  • Email to Student – advising them that their property has been handed in at lost property and asking them to collect the item/s.
  • 2nd Email to Student – after one week of the first email, if the item/s has not been collected a second reminder is sent to the student copied to their parents.
  • 3rd and Final Email to Student – after one week of the second email if the item is still not collected, a final reminder is sent to the student copied to their parents informing them that if the item is not collected after one month from the date of the first email it shall be offered for sale as second hand uniform, donated to charity or disposed of.

Unnamed items

Items that have no name tags are more difficult to return to their rightful owners. Students should check and claim their property by approaching the PTSA Shop.

All lost property items will be kept for one month after which, unclaimed uniform in good condition will be offered for sale as second hand uniform and all other items shall be donated to charity or disposed of. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Tiffany Chau, PTSA Shop Operator, 2760 6661 or

*Please note: lost laptops are handled by the ICT department. Please contact


PTSA Manager – Kiran Budhrani
Phone: 2760 6660

PTSA Shop Operator – Tiffany Chau
Phone: 27606661