4 Mar 2020

Plastic Free Seas – The Great Global Nurdle Hunt

The Great Global Nurdle Hunt, an amazing citizen science project, is on from March 13 to 22. All around the globe, people will be collecting nurdles, also known as pre-production plastic pellets or simply pellets, and uploading the information onto a website.

We are encouraging people, students in particular, to go ‘nurdling’ with or without their families as appropriate on their local beach between March 13 and 22 and have set up a page on our website with information explaining what to do. People can either participate on their own or in groups and upload the information to the official website. Alternatively, Plastic Free Seas is organising a few Nurdle Hunts on the weekend of March 14th which they can participate in, and we will count the nurdles and report as one big event. We would also be open to organising a few hunts on weekdays if there is demand.

At minimum, it an opportunity for students to get outdoors, to participate in citizen science and contribute to global data collection which will hopefully inform global legislative changes to help stop these nurdles from entering the environment in the first place.

Please see the page on our website which explains what nurdles are, how to participate on your own and information about PFS’ organised hunts. There is also a nurdle identification chart on that page which is quite interesting.

We are trying to continue on the plastic pollution education despite the school closure.